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Broomhill & Sharrow Vale • Hillsborough • Walkley • City

About Local Area Committees (LAC)

Local Area Committees give you the chance to raise your views, share your opinion on what the council does in your area and contribute to making changes in your neighbourhood. 

As a resident living in Central Sheffield, this is your opportunity to say what you would like to see improved.

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About Central LAC

The Central LAC is made up of 4 wards: Broomhill & Sharrow Vale, Hillsborough, Walkley and City. The area has a population of 105,925 residents. The area has a diverse economic and cultural mix with domestic dwellings, shopping parades, light and heavy industry. 

The River Don and its surrounding hills are a prominent landscape feature of the Central Local Area Committee (LAC) area, which includes the wards of: Broomhill & Sharrow Vale, City, Hillsborough and Walkley. The Central LAC area is unique, with the world’s first National Park of its kind on its boundary. Immediately outside the city centre there are a large number of parks, trees, woodland and network of wildlife habitats.

There are 105,925 people living in the Central area of the city. Although the ethnicity of the population is diverse it is predominantly White British, with small numbers of other ethnicities living across the wards. Within the population, there is a significantly high percentage of working age population in the area. The area has a diverse economic and cultural mix with domestic dwellings and several busy shopping areas and other businesses that provide services such as hospitality, retail and night-time economy. 

The area is going through an important transition as the city strives to reach its target of zero carbon by 2030, there is a highly successful tram network that serves three of the wards but we need to look at pavement parking restricting road space for pedestrians and cyclists to support this target. 

There are neighbourhoods within the LAC area, designated as High Levels of Deprivation and a large numbers of people in irregular employment. The housing stock includes large numbers of council, housing association and privately rented accommodation. There are four District shopping centres, two prestigious Universities and a very busy Hallamshire Hospital that is connected to the Northern General Hospital. Many school aged children travel distances to the city academies once they have left primary education.

The City Centre is the governance and financial hub of the city with many commercial and independent business sharing their spaces with high numbers of residents who enjoy inner city living. The city is culturally very diverse with over 100 separate languages spoken in the city. Interest in the arts and sports is very high.


Councillor Bernard Little

Chair: Councillor Bernard Little

“I’m aged 66 with a state pension that enables me to devote most of my time to my role as a local councillor and it’s a privilege that is beyond the means of most. I’ve worked as a cartographer, as a herdsman, scaffolding erector, pipe-fitter's mate and ran a business as a plumber. I have a Certificate in Occupational Therapy. For the last twenty years I worked as a physio/occupational therapy assistant at the Northern General Hospital and most recently in social care. 

My political awareness was sparked by the closure of my village railway station in the early 1960s and from that point I knew that our futures are controlled by powerful people who do not work for the common good. 

Outside of being a councillor, I am the chair of the Ponderosa Nature Group in Upperthorpe and I like people and enjoy studying as a musician. I have lived in Walkley for over 25 years. I’m a grandparent to three grandchildren.



Vice Chair: Councillor Josie Paszek

Vice Chair: Councillor Josie Paszek

Area Ward Councillors 

• Cllr Angela Argenzio • Cllr Ben Curran • Cllr Neale Gibson

• Cllr Christine Gilligan • Cllr Brian Holmshaw • Cllr Douglas Johnson

• Cllr George Lindars-Hammond • Cllr Ruth Mersereau

• Cllr Martin Phipps • Cllr Kaltum Rivers


What is going on in your area? 

Please join us at our first meeting

Monday 27 September, 6-8pm

Bamforth Part Meeting room, Burton Street Foundation, 57 Burton Street, Hillsborough, Sheffield S6 2HH

or call us on 0114 474 3609 

How you can get involved 

  • sign up to our local / citywide updates via GovDelivery or the NextDoor App 
  • complete a survey, share your views online or via the area social media pages
  • submit a question or raise an issue with your LAC (in person or online)
  • participate in ongoing activities about local priorities and budgets
  • contact Councillor Bernard Little or Councillor Josie Paszek to raise an issue
  • come along to a meeting to hear local discussions and updates
  • live stream the meeting or view a recording to watch a specific section