Garden waste and green bins

You can dispose of garden waste for free by taking it to a household waste recycling centre or we can collect it from your home if you sign up for our green bin collection service.

Sign up for green bin collections

We will provide you with a green bin to put your garden waste in. This will be collected from your home every two weeks from March to November. All of the garden waste we collect will be recycled.

The green bin collection service costs £45.10.

  • Sign up by 1 October 2023 to receive 3 collections. Your first collection will take place between 16 October and 30 October.
  • Sign up by 15 October 2023 to receive 2 collections. Your first collection will take place between 30 October and 13 November
  • Sign up by 29 October 2023 to receive 1 collection. Your collection will take place between 13 November and 27 November.

If you don’t have a green bin or need a replacement, we can deliver one for £32.

What can go in your green bin

The following can go in:

  • grass mowings
  • hedge and plant clippings
  • leaves
  • prunings
  • small branches
  • twigs
  • weeds and cut flowers
  • chipped bark

You should not put the following in:

  • food waste
  • household waste
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • plant pots and garden gnomes
  • plastic bags and packaging
  • soil, stones, rubble and sawdust
  • waste from professional gardeners
  • pond weeds and residues
  • mulch
  • large branches 

Putting any of these in your green bin may mean it will not be collected.

What happens to your garden waste

Garden waste is turned into compost and is then used by commercial landscapers and local authorities.

Here is how we do it:

  1. we take your garden waste to a local composting site
  2. your garden waste is shredded
  3. it's put into large piles
  4. these piles generate heat as they break down into compost. This process kills any unwanted bacteria
  5. the piles are then turned regularly to help bring air into the composting process
  6. after around 12 weeks the compost is ready to be used as compost

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