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Changes to our IT systems may cause delays in processing changes to housing benefit claims, discretionary housing payments, requests for Council Tax support and council tax hardship scheme awards.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you need help to pay your Council Tax you may be able to claim Council Tax Support from us. You will get a discount on your bill if you’re eligible.

Who can apply

You can make a claim if:

  • you are responsible for paying council tax
  • you live at the property you are claiming for

Who can't apply

You will not be entitled to claim if:

  • you are not responsible for paying the Council Tax bill
  • either you or your partner, or both of you together, have more than £16,000 in savings (unless you get the guaranteed part of Pension Credit)
  • you’re an asylum seeker, unless you've been given refugee status or indefinite or exceptional leave (also called discretionary or humanitarian leave) to remain in the United Kingdom
  • you’ve been admitted to the United Kingdom on the condition that you have no recourse to public funds. This means that you must not claim benefits

Apply for Council Tax Support

Apply using the online form.

Applicants of pensionable age

We will also assess you for Second Adult Rebate. If you are eligible for both benefits, we will award you the one with the largest discount.


Check your eligibility for other benefits

Find out what benefits you are able to claim using our benefits calculator.


Council Tax Hardship Scheme

You may be eligible for the council tax hardship scheme if you are:

  • already receiving council tax support  
  • and you are still unable to make payments

This scheme helps people who are in severe financial hardship. We will assess your eligibilty based on your individual circumstances.

Contact the Benefits team

PO Box 1310
0114 273 6777
Monday to Friday
8:30am to 5:30pm

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Is this page helpful?