Register a death

You are legally required to register a death within five days of when it occurred. This period can be extended by the registrar under certain circumstances, or if the coroner is involved. The registration should take place in the district where the person died.

Who can register a death

Usually a relative of the person who's died registers the death, but others can also do this. This can be:

  • someone present at the death 
  • a person arranging the funeral (not the undertaker)
  • an official from the hospital, or the manager of where the death took place (for example, a care home)

How to register a death

Select a date to speak with the registrar, who will help you to make an appointment for registering the death.

What happens next

On your chosen date, the registrar will telephone you to check the paperwork and the deceased’s details. You won't need to worry about the medical certificate, as the hospital or GP will send us a copy. The registrar will then book an appointment for you to attend the office the following day and complete the registration.

Please ensure you are available the day after your phone call with the registrar before you contact us.

Bereavement support

If you have lost a loved one, talking to someone can help you manage grief, especially with current restrictions on funerals. We have a dedicated helpline for the friends and relatives of the deceased. The service provides:

  • one to one telephone support by a qualified worker
  • emotional and practical information, guidance and support
  • practical help in dealing with healthcare agencies
  • local information with regards to current funeral processes

You can call the helpline on 0800 048 5224 or visit listening ear for more support.

You can also find more support from the National Bereavement Partnership

Emergency burial service

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 9am to 5pm call 07802864178, or 07764661143.

Tell Us Once service

When you register a death we will notify our other services and certain Government agencies of the person’s death. This is a free voluntary service and means fewer phone calls, letters or emails for you.

You will be told about Tell Us Once when you meet the registrar. A short Government video explaining the Tell Us Once service can be viewed via YouTube.

Further information about Tell Us Once is available on the GOV.UK website. 

Death certificates

Certified copies are £11 each at the time of registration.

Copies of certificates may be obtained at a later date for the standard fee of £12 each.

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