Your housing options in Sheffield

If your property needs repair or alteration

If your property needs repair or alteration

If you are considering moving from your current property, we may be able to help you remain where you are.

If you are a current council tenant, your neighbourhood officer will assess your situation. Visit Neighbourhood offices for their contact information. However, your reasons for wanting to move may not result in a priority award.

Council properties needing repairs

If you want to move because you need repairs to your Council home, we may be able to resolve them.

Go to Request a repair to your property to see if your issue(s) can be resolved.

Decoration grants for your home

If you sign up for a council property, you will be responsible for decorating it. However, depending on the decorative state of the property, it may be assessed for a decoration grant.

A grant be in the form a B&Q electronic voucher that can only be used  for items classed as decorating and cleaning supplies. You can get confirmation of this at the viewing and collect at when signing up for one.

Check if you can get a grant at Decoration grants for your home.

Alter your property

If you are thinking about altering your council home, you must ask for permission from us in writing before you start the work. 

Please look at Altering my property to see what you need to check with us first before making the alteration.

Housing improvement projects

We have agreed a £300m, 5-year investment plan for council housing in the city. To find out if your home is on the programme for improvements, visit Housing improvements and get in touch with us. The priorities for the programme are:

  • protecting the building fabric
  • reducing the cost and number of responsive repairs required
  • improving the energy efficiency of homes
Repairs for a housing association property

You don’t need to start a housing application if your housing association property needs repairs.

Report this to your association, and they will be able to help you resolve your issue.

Repairs for privately rented property

With private rented accommodation, the repairs could be your landlord’s responsibility, and you may not need to start a housing application.

If you are having difficulties contacting your landlord, our Private Rented Housing Team may be able to help. Go to Report disrepair in private rented properties.

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