Your housing options in Sheffield


Before you start a new council housing application, you should consider what housing options we have in the city.

We have provided information to help you decide if you can remain where you are or need to move.

In most areas of Sheffield, the number of available council properties does not meet current demand.

You can view how long the average waiting times are across Sheffield through the Guide to Waiting Times map. 

The map also tells you how many Sheffield City Council properties are in your preferred area, compared to the number of properties advertised and let. It provides lettings data from the last 12 months, and it shows what has become available by bedroom size and property type. 

Your housing application will tell you what size property you are eligible for. Or you can use the Bedroom eligibility table

The information here will help you: 

  • decide the housing option that is best for you
  • stay in your current property

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Is this page helpful?