Your housing options in Sheffield

Are you eligible to join the housing register

Are you eligible to join the housing register

If you are unsure whether or not you are affected by the eligibility criteria, please contact us.

Applying with arrears

If you have previously been a Sheffield City Council tenant and have former rent arrears, you must contact us to arrange a repayment agreement before completing a new housing application.

We will not be able to process your application until an arrangement is in place and payments are consistently being made to reduce the debt.

Visit Paying your rent if you are having issues.

Immigration status

Some people will not be allowed to join the Housing Register because of their immigration status. This includes:

  • people subject to immigration control - unless they are exempt because they are already a secure tenant and unless they come within a class prescribed in regulations made by the Secretary of State
  • and other people from abroad may be ineligible, unless they are exempt because they are already a secure tenant

Regulations may provide for other descriptions of persons from abroad who, although not subject to immigration control, are to be treated as ineligible for an allocation of accommodation.

If you are not eligible to join our Housing Register after making your application, you will be notified of that decision in writing and we will explain the reasons why you are ineligible.

Unacceptable behaviour

Some people do not qualify to join the Housing Register because of their unacceptable behaviour. This includes:

  • unacceptable behaviour that you were responsible for
  • unacceptable behaviour that a joint applicant or household member were responsible for, if they were living with you at the time of the unacceptable behaviour or if they have been guilty of any 
  • if you have persistent arrears
  • if you have carried out severe and costly damage to housing property.
  • if you have caused or been responsible for antisocial behaviour, which has resulted in the 
  • loss of their home
  • if you are convicted perpetrators of domestic violence
  • if you have exhibited and been convicted of some types of criminal behaviour
  • if you have previously unlawfully sublet a social tenancy
  • if you have given false information in their application
  • if you don’t qualify to join the Housing Register, you can make a new application if you believe your behaviour has improved

Check with us before making an application if you can make one. 

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