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Our long term plan for climate change

Our long term plan for climate change

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research has written a report that establishes a ‘carbon budget’ for the city (updated October 2022). 

It recommends that Sheffield must not exceed a budget of 15.2 million tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 20 years. 

At current rates of energy consumption, we will use this budget in less than 5 years from 2023. We need to act now.

Our plans for the future

Our Ten Point Plan for Climate Action and its appendix sets the framework for our action for the transition to net zero.

Our first decarbonisation routemaps, considering plans for reducing the carbon emissions of the local authority itself and our transport system, were approved in July 2023. 

Our plans are based on the evidence in the Pathways to Zero reports developed for the city by consultants Arup and Ricardo. These identify the actions that needs to be taken for the city to reduce emissions to net zero by 2030.

Working together as a city

We will be involving people and organisations in the city and city region in developing our plans. We will also be encouraging people and organisations in the city to work together to tackle the challenge facing us all.

Our first climate summit took place in March 2021 online and was attended by over 200 people and organisations. In November 2022, we held a second summit at St Mary’s Church attended by over 80 representatives of organisations from the public sector, business and voluntary, community and faith sector.

A report of the second event is available. The plenary sessions from the first summit can be seen in the video.

You can also look out for updates on what we are doing at Sheffnews or sign up for our bimonthly newsletter.

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