Adult social care commissioning

Adult social care is the care and support people may need due to illness, disability, or frailty. This can include support to live independently in their own home and in their own community, or a move into accommodation with on-site care and support such as extra care housing, supported living or a care home. 

Unlike NHS services, social care is not free at the point of access. Councils currently fund those who cannot afford to pay for their care, but many people pay all or some of their care costs themselves. Commissioning and market shaping therefore covers services arranged and paid for through Sheffield City Council; services arranged and paid for through Direct Payments; and services arranged and paid for by individuals (self-funders). 

Commissioning and market shaping prioritises outcomes and wellbeing, and covers services for adults who have needs for care and support, and services for meeting carers’ support needs. Our commissioners work closely with our NHS and voluntary sector partners to work out what services we need and how best to purchase them.

Our Commissioning Framework Market Shaping Statement explains more about the process and the way we commission services for people. It talks about:

  • current supply and demand
  • our forward strategy and the future development of adult social care
  • opportunities for providers

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Is this page helpful?