Short term care strategy for older people

If you or someone you know need to access short term care please get in touch with First contact by emailing or calling 0114 273 4908

Short term care covers a range of short term services designed to help a person and their family live independently at home for as long as possible, usually as part of a package of care and support.

Our strategy

Through the aims set out in our strategy, we want to achieve a short term social care model for older people that provides:

  • a greater variety of options
  • increased flexibility in delivery
  • more capacity and improved confidence in the services that are available

For people accessing short term care, this model will provide real choice and greater awareness on what there is available, and ultimately more independence to decide how their needs are met. We want to provide everyone with information on availability and quality of short term care options.

Short term care for people in need of urgent support

For elderly people in need of urgent support we aim to provide:

  • support options that are available and responsive when needed
  • short term overnight support in a range of settings
  • enough availability of urgent and rapid access options

Care at home and overnight stay options and day opportunities

For elderly people who use short term care to support them we aim to provide:

  • a range of options for more personalised breaks
  • short term overnight support in a range of settings
  • options to build familiarity with a range of providers
  • options to book in advance

Read our strategy

You can download our strategy documents to find out more about our plans for short term care and how public feedback informed it.

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