Sheffield Cycle Forum

The Cycle Forum helps Sheffield groups and organisations (including ourselves) to promote cycling. It discusses issues, shares information and makes recommendations about how cycling as a travel option can be improved.

Membership & attendance

Organisations invited to attend include those from the Health and Education sectors, cycle interest groups, transport operators and promoters, major trip-generators and potential partnership organisations.

The right to attend is at the discretion of the Chair (a councillor) and ratified by the Forum.

Membership is limited to representatives of each of the invited organisations, at the discretion of the Chair (a maximum of two representatives per organisation).

However the first 15 minutes of each meeting are available for members of the public to voice opinions or raise questions. In addition, members of the public are able to attend as observers for the whole meeting.

Transport 4 All

Transport 4 All is a city-wide pan-disability group of disabled transport users that meets quarterly with ourselves, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and public transport operators in the city. 

The group advises on how to improve access to transport services for disabled people and move towards equal access.