To help reduce litter, we provide litter bins next to roads and in shopping centres and parks, some of which allow for recycling.

Reporting litter & flytipping

You can report problems with litter and litter bins to us.  You can also report people dumping rubbish (fly tipping) on land owned by ourselves and elsewhere.


It is a criminal offence to drop litter or throw it from a car, which carries an instant £80 fine.


Businesses have a duty of care to deal with their litter/rubbish properly and not allow it to escape from their premises. Any problems with business litter/rubbish will be dealt with by our Environmental Enforcement Officers.

Help keep Sheffield tidy

You can help by:

  • not dropping litter
  • not overfilling litter/wheelie bins
  • teaching young people to dispose of litter responsibly
  • clearing up after your dog
  • not disposing of sharp objects or needles in bins
  • not disposing of household rubbish in litter bins
  • reporting litter to us
  • reporting full, overflowing, damaged or defaced litter bins

Clean Sheffield campaign

The #CleanSheffield campaign started in 2016 with a partnership between Sheffield City Council and Keep Britain Tidy. The aim of the campaign is to encourage more businesses, community groups and individuals to take pride in their community and not to drop litter on the ground. You can find out more on their website.

Litter picks

Anyone planning to organise a litter must inform us at least 5 working days beforehand. Litter pick organisers are responsible for the safety of those involved, however, we are happy to advise on safety.

Picking up litter

Only collect litter from pavements, verges and adjoining public land only and not directly from households or potentially unsafe areas.

Do not touch any potentially hazardous waste including hypodermic needles, drugs waste, chemicals and asbestos and contact Street Ahead as soon as possible on the contact details above.

Also, please tell us about any large fly-tipping.

Bagged litter collections

Any litter which is picked up should be bagged and securely tied (with the exception of large items). These should be left safely and tidily in one location which is accessible from the road and agreed with us in advance.

Streets Ahead

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