Static street trading is where a pitch is identified and a consent holder trades only from that pitch within the terms of the consent issued.

These pitches are usually very specific and traders are given consent based on the detailed plan submitted on application, It is up to the trader to locate a pitch and make an appropriate application.

Applicants must meet the city wide qualitative criteria which forms the basis on which to test applications.

What it costs

We are unable to give an idea of how much a static consent will cost because it is dependant on your proposals of what you will trade, when and how often and where you will trade.

You must submit with your application a £100 non refundable fee to cover the costs of processing your application (if granted this will be deducted from your overall fee).

A fee is generally set once the 28 day consultation period is finished and you will be notified of it in writing. There is an option of paying a static street trading consent fee in quarterly instalments.

Terms and conditions

As well as standard conditions for street traders, these additional conditions apply:

1.        The consent holder shall only trade from the site specified in this consent.

2.        Consent fees where previously agreed are payable quarterly in advance of the period to which they relate.

3.        The trader shall collect and properly dispose of all wrappings and litter within a 100 metre radius of the site (and beyond where it is the result of the trader’s activities from the site) at the end of each trading day and as often as may be necessary during each trading day so as to keep and leave the street in a clean and tidy condition.

4.        The consent holder shall comply with all the conditions attached to their consent.

Apply for static street trading consent

You will need to print and post the application form below

You will be required to submit the following to us:

  • A completed and signed static street trading application form
  • 2 (recent and identical) passport size photographs signed and dated on the reverse as a true likeness
  • The non refundable fee of £100
  • A copy of an ordnance survey based map of at least 1:1250 scale (a Google map will not be sufficient). The map should clearly identify the precise trading position and its proximity to other similar retail outlets (shops) within an 800 metre radius
  • Proof of identity documentation: passport, driver licence, current utility bill or bank statement and right to work documentation (if applicable)
  • 3 colour photographs of any stall, van, barrow or cart that will be used for the street trading activity showing the front, rear and side of the unit and dimensions of that unit
  • Written permission from the landowner if the street trading activity is to be carried out on land in private ownership
  • If trading in food, details of any food hygiene qualifications and confirmation that your business has a food hygiene score rating of 3 or above
  • Confirmation that you meet the relevant qualitative criteria

The following documentation must be forwarded to ourselves before the grant of a consent:

  • The remaining quarterly fee or full annual fee
  • An original certificate of insurance that covers the street trading activity for third party and public liability risks up to a minimum of £2,000,000
  • A certificate of insurance in respect of the vehicle and/or the tow vehicle you propose to use
  • An appropriate vehicle test certificate
  • Declare that you have registered as a food business (where appropriate)
  • Written confirmation that the vehicle or unit meets our food safety standards
  • Any permissions or consents already granted with regard to the proposed operation, e.g. planning consent, late night refreshment premises licence, waste disposal agreement

If you need more space to make your application, please securely attach additional sheets to your application.

Evaluation process

Once an application is received, we consult with South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and our Highways and Planning departments. Consultation will also take place with local residents and/or businesses by placing public notices and issuing consultation forms at the site.

Consultees are given 28 days in which to make comments and this is therefore the minimum time it will take us to process your application.

Any representations will be considered and placed before the Licensing Committee for determination.

All stalls or units will be inspected prior to issuing a consent to ensure it complies with the qualitative criteria.

If there are no issues you will be asked to sign and return the consent conditions confirming you have understood and will comply with them. You will then be issued with a consent and a certificate along with a copy of the conditions.

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