Street trading consent

If you trade in the street you may need a street trading consent from us.

Where you need a street trading consent

All streets (roads, footways, forecourts or other areas to which the public have access) within the Sheffield city boundary are designated consent streets and require consent from us if you want to trade there.

Street trading is now prohibited in the City Centre. The area is now covered by Markets. To make enquires, please email

We can issue the following kinds of street trading consents:

  • static pitch trading
  • mobile ice cream trading
  • mobile fruit and vegetables trading
  • school trading
  • football grounds trading

Each consent will be subject to a set of standard conditions and possibly additional conditions for the type of consent you have applied for.

Who can apply for it

Applicants must be at least 17 years old.

Applicants will also be required to ensure that they meet our qualitative criteria. This sets out the minimum standards required by us and you must ensure you meet these standards before applying.

Vehicles/units will be inspected before we give consent to ensure our standards are met. Because of this, you should not purchase a unit until you have received consent.

You should also be aware that:

  • a street trading consent cannot be transferred or sold to another person (consent may be transferred to a member of the consent holder’s immediate family in the event of the consent holder’s death)
  • the sub-letting of a pitch is also prohibited.

You should read the street trading policy for more details before making an application to us.

Once you have our consent you need to ensure that any person who is working on your trading pitch has obtained an identification badge from us.

Short term consents

If you want a street trading consent for a short period of time you can apply for a short term consent for either a day, week, or month. You can apply for this using the standard application forms for the type of consent you need, for example, static pitch street trading consent, and indicating that your are only applying for short term consent.

When you apply, you must ensure that you submit all appropriate documentation and pay the relevant fee.


The current fees are as follows:

Consent type Cost
Static pitch street trading consent variable
Mobile street trading consent (ice cream) £250
Mobile street trading consent (fruit and vegetables) £330
School street trading consent £55
Football ground street trading consent - food £520
Football ground street trading consent - memorabilia £115
Change a street trading consent £115
Badges for consent holders and assistants £32
Short term day consent £75
Short term week consent £95
Short term month consent £135

If you have a city centre or static pitch consent you can pay your application fee in quarterly payments instead of paying in full with your application.

How to make an appeal or a complaint

There is no appeal procedure against the refusal or revocation of any consent. You may apply for judicial review of our decision.

Members of the public who are experiencing problems with traders should contact us for advice.

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