Council Tax Energy Rebate

The Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme is now closed.

Most households in Council Tax bands A - D who were liable for Council Tax on 1 April 2022 have received a one-off upfront energy rebate of £150. This Council Tax Energy Rebate is to help households with rising energy costs.

Where possible we have made payments direct to people's bank accounts.

In all other cases, we have issued time-limited vouchers to be cashed at Post Offices.

All vouchers have now expired which means they can no longer be cashed. If you received a voucher but have not cashed it, we have credited your Council Tax account with £150.

Further details around the eligibility criteria for the Council Tax Energy Rebate can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Discretionary Energy Rebate Scheme 

The Government has provided funding to the Council to provide further support to households, for example, to those who pay for energy but do not automatically qualify for the Council Tax Energy Rebate. 

The deadline for applications to this scheme has now passed and the Council has decided to share remaining funding equally between working age households who receive Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support. This means that a payment of £38.36 has been made to each of these households. 

Where possible, if you are a working age household who receives Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support we have made this payment directly to your bank account. Otherwise, we have sent you a voucher to cash at any Post Office. 

All vouchers have now expired. If you did not cash your voucher before it expired, we will have paid your rebate directly to your Council Tax account if you have one.

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