Report a change of address

If you are moving in to or out of Sheffield, or moving home within Sheffield, please tell us about your change of address so we can make sure you pay the right amount of Council Tax.

What we need to know

You’ll need to tell us:

  • your name
  • the name of your spouse or partner
  • the address you are moving from, and the date you moved out
  • your Council Tax account number (if you were responsible for paying Council Tax at your old address)
  • your new address and the date you moved in

If you have bought or sold your home, you’ll also need to tell us:

  • the date of sale of your old home
  • the name of the person who bought your old home, and their old address if you know it
  • your solicitor’s name and address

If you rented your old home, or are renting your new one, you’ll also need to tell us:

  • the end date of your lease/tenancy
  • the name of your landlord (and their address if you know it)
  •  if the property you rented, or now rent, is furnished by your landlord.

You’ll also need to update your address on the electoral register.

What you’ll pay

You can check the Council Tax band at your new address.

If your new home was extended or altered by the previous occupier, the Valuation Office Agency may increase the band.

If you’re moving from one address in Sheffield to another, we’ll send you a revised bill showing anything you still owe for your old address and details of what you owe for your new address. We’ll transfer any credit to your new account.

If you’re moving out of Sheffield, you’ll need to pay Council Tax up to the date you sell your property or your tenancy ends, regardless of the date you move out. Your new council will also charge you from the day you move into their area. Remember to tell them you’ve moved.

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