Static pitch street trading consent

You need a consent from us to carry out street trading on the same site for more than 20 minutes.

Where you can carry out static pitch trading

You need to identify the area you will be trading in, called a pitch, and you will only be able to trade on that pitch. 

Pitches are usually very specific and you will be given consent based on the detailed plan you submit with your application. It is up to you to locate a pitch and make an appropriate application to us.

If you want to move around various parts of the city you'll need to apply for mobile street trading consent.

As part of this process you will need to speak to our Highways and Planning Departments before submitting your application to discuss any issues they may have with the location and if you will need any permissions from them to operate there.

You can contact Planning on 0114 203 9183 or by emailing

You can contact Highways on 0114 273 6677 or by emailing

Who can apply for a static street trading consent

You must be at least 17 years old.

You need to make sure that any assistants you have working on your pitch are wearing badges issued by us. If not they do not have badges they will not be allowed to trade.


How much a static trading consent costs will depend on what you trade, how often, when and where you will trade. The total amount you pay will be set once we have decided on your consent application. 

You will need to pay a £100 fee to cover the costs of processing your application (which will be deducted from your final costs if your consent is awarded).

Your stall needs to meet our requirements

You need to follow our street stall trading criteria in order for us to grant you consent.

Street stall criteria

Unit design

Good display is an important part of the selling process and top quality presentation encourages purchase and benefits the retailers’ reputation. It is in the best interest of traders to produce a high quality design both internally and externally in their unit. 

The function of the unit is to identify the trader and add vitality and colour to the immediate area, and reflect the quality, cleanliness in their operation. The unit must contribute to the appearance of the area for good or bad, so design matters to everyone who uses the street, as well as the operator.

As such:

  • stalls must enhance the visual appearance of the street rather than detract from it and be constructed in a suitable style and of appropriate materials
  • examples of acceptable designs include: Modern, simple, functional stalls with umbrellas, canopies or striped awnings and traditional or ‘period’ type handcarts, barrows or tricycles
  • the stall design should be fully accessible for all customers
  • the outside of the unit will be limited to the name of the stall, the type of product sold and a simple price list. Ad hoc pictures and advertiser’s slogans should be avoided, as should untidy handwritten signs
  • advertisements on stalls will not be permitted without our permission in writing and subject to further conditions. We will decide what is an acceptable advertisement
  • sign writing and scrollwork must be finished to an acceptable standard
  • the general design of the unit must meet our requirements for the location and proposed hours or days of trading. A photograph of the actual unit or proposed model must be submitted on application
  • bright colours and a sense of fun are encouraged
  • pitched and curved roofs are encouraged
  • canopies must be maintained and cleaned
  • the internal layout of the unit must be clean and to a high standard
  • non-motorised vehicles (carts or barrows) are encouraged in pedestrian areas. For example shopping areas like Woodseats, Hillsborough, etc
  • mobile trading vans must have a side hatch to serve customers
  • the unit / vehicle must be clearly identifiable as a trader

Environmental Health considerations of the unit design

For Enclosed Food units the internal arrangements must be such that:

  • there is suitable and sufficient hand washing facilities with hot water
  • the work surfaces are impervious to water and easy to clean
  • there is sufficient compliant temperature controlled food storage facilities appropriate to the business
  • the gas and electrical installations are certificated and deemed to be safe by a competent and suitably qualified engineer. Any gas store cupboard should be outside the food area
  • the external arrangements must be that the mobile is sufficiently weather and pest proof so as to not risk the contamination of the food

For Market-Stall or Street-Barrow type food units:

  • the stall must be covered to prevent the risk of matter falling on to the food
  • the work surfaces likely to be in contact with the food must be impervious to water and easy to clean
  • any intrinsic storage food area must be able to be secured against intrusion by pests
  • if temperature controlled food is to be stored on the mobile, the storage facility shall be capable of maintaining the food in a legally compliant manner
  • there must be adequate hand washing facilities

Food Hygiene record (for all food stalls) - all food regulations have been adhered to. You will need to demonstrate that:

  • you have registered with your local authority
  • all food handlers have received adequate food safety training appropriate to their job role
  •  the food business has a legally compliant Food Safety Management System (eg Safer Food, Better Business)
  • your business has a food hygiene rating score of at least 3
  • if there is a history of non-compliance you must show that it has been addressed and accepted by the Food Safety Enforcing Officer, or that the food business is in the process of addressing the issues and the Food Safety Officer does not consider the defect too severe so as to prohibit the food business from trading


  • the trader and their assistants must be identifiable (i.e wear a uniform)
  • the style of dress worn by stall operators should be chosen to complement the style and period of the unit
  • over clothing must always be smart and clean. Operators of food stalls should ensure that sufficient changes of clothes are provided so as to enable personnel to always wear over clothing, which is clean
  • personal cleanliness is also important and persons employed at food stalls are required to have good personal hygiene


  • vehicles used to tow trailers must be parked legally at all times
  • we reserve the right to not renew any consent where if we consider that product/s offered by the operator are not in keeping with the requirements of the site
  • the goods complement and do not conflict with the goods sold by other retailers within their proposed area(s)

This criteria is intended to guide applicants for street trading consents as to the type of stall and dress, which we are looking to promote as a means of regulating the street trading.

It is not intended to exclude any design that does not fall within the examples given.

What you need to provide with your application

You will need to send us:

  • a completed application form and privacy statement
  • fee of £100
  • 3 colour photographs of the vehicle to be used showing front, back and side
  • details of the proposed site including:
    • an ordnance survey based map of at least 1:1250 scale (a google map will not be sufficient) clearly identify the proposed trading position
    • a separate plan to scale, detailing the sites proximity to other similar retail outlets (shops, cafe’s, etc) within an 800 metre radius
  • two (recent) identical passport size photographs signed and dated on the reverse
  • current passport of the applicant(s)
  • current drivers licence of the applicant(s)
  • one other proof of identity, showing applicant’s name and current address (recent utility bill, bank statement etc) from within the last 3 months
  • right to work documentation (if applicable)
  • written confirmation from the Highways Department confirming consultation on the site
  • written confirmation from the Planning Department confirming consultation
  • if trading from private land, written confirmation from the landowner
  • details of any food hygiene qualifications (unless trading in non-food items)
  • if trading in food, confirmation that the business has a food hygiene rating of 3 or more
  • confirmation that you can meet our street trading criteria
  • any further information you want to submit in support of your application

The following documents must also be sent before your consent can be granted:

  • a vehicle insurance certificate
  • an appropriate vehicle test certificate
  • a certificate of public liability insurance (the level of cover shall be a minimum of £2,000,000)
  • written confirmation that the vehicle meets our food safety standards
  • waste management contract
  • declare that you have registered as a food business

What happens once you have made an application

Once we receive your application we will consult with relevant parties for 28 days. Public notices will be placed on and around your requested site for the public or any other interested party to make comments.

If there are no issues, we will request that you sign and date the conditions that will be attached to your consent and submit any remaining documentation. Once you have paid the final fee we will issue your consent.

You will then be required to display the consent on your trading unit as per your conditions.

If we have any issues with your application or if there are objections, we will refer your application to our licensing committee as soon as possible. They will make a decision to grant you consent or not. You and any objectors will be invited to attend.

Tacit consent will not apply

This means it is in the public interest that we process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within 28 days you should contact us.

Short term consents

If you want a static street trading consent for a short period of time you can apply for a short term consent for either a day, week, or month.

You can apply for this using the standard application form and indicating that your are applying for short term consent.

When you apply, you must ensure that you submit all appropriate documentation and pay the relevant fee.

You should not purchase any trading unit before your application has been approved.

Apply for a static pitch street trading consent

Before you apply you should pay the application fee online and include your payment reference number with your application.

You can then download and complete the application form and privacy statement and send it and any relevant documents to:

Licensing Service

Block C, Staniforth Road Depot

Staniforth Road


S9 3HD

Apply online

You can apply online but we would recommend applying by post instead. If you apply online may be asked to provide further information or documentation before we can start processing your application which will delay it.

Order a replacement consent certificate

You can replace your consent certificate if it has been lost. This costs £22 and you should pay online then write to us asking for a replacement certificate and include your payment reference number.

How to make an appeal or a complaint

There is no appeal procedure against the refusal or revocation of a consent. You may apply for judicial review of our decision.

Members of the public who are experiencing problems with traders should contact us for advice.

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