Parish and Town Councils

There are 3 Parish and Town Councils in Sheffield. Each aims to improve the quality of life for everyone throughout its area.

Parish and Town Councils deliver a range of services at a community level and their role is to represent the local community, provide services to meet local needs and improve the quality of life and community well-being. They work in partnership with local organisations and community groups.

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Bradfield Parish Council

Bradfield Parish Council covers 6 main areas:

  • Stannington
  • Worrall
  • Loxley
  • Oughtibridge
  • Wharncliffe Side
  • Midhopestones

The Parish Council works in partnership with other authorities, and community and voluntary groups to improve the area and to increase the amount of work that is done locally to benefit the whole area.  


  • Cllr Penny Baker
  • Cllr Terry Barrow
  • Cllr Chris Carter
  • Cllr Nigel Clark
  • Cllr Stuart Cole
  • Vacancy
  • Cllr Jenny Morton
  • Cllr Josie Paszek
  • Cllr Vill Powell
  • Cllr Pat Roberts
  • Cllr Stuart Shepherd
  • Cllr Karen Southwood
  • Cllr Tom Vickers

Contact details

Teresa Bisatt
Clerk to the Council
Bradfield Parish Council
Mill Lee Road
Low Bradfield
S6 6LB

Telephone: 0114 285 1375

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Ecclesfield Parish Council

Ecclesfield Parish Council comprises much of Ecclesfield and all of Chapeltown, High Green and Grenoside.

The Parish of Ecclesfield covers an area of about 22 square kilometres of north Sheffield and is one of the most highly populated Parishes in the North of England.


  • Chairman – Councillor Susan Davidson
  • Vice Chairman – Councillor Victoria Bowden
  • Councillor Andy Bainbridge
  • Councillor Dr John Bowden 
  • Councillor Denise Fearnley
  • Councillor Kate Guest
  • Councillor Alan Hooper
  • Councillor John Housley
  • Councillor Adam Hurst
  • Councillor Michael Levery
  • Councillor Michael Morrissey
  • Councillor Rob Reiss
  • Councillor Thomas Sturgess
  • Councillor Alan Woodcock

Contact information

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 noon.

Andrew Towlerton
Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Council Officer
Ecclesfield Parish Council
Council Offices
Mortomley Lane
High Green
S35 3HS

Telephone: 0114 284 5095
Fax: 0114 286 9486

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Stocksbridge Town Council

Stocksbridge Town Council covers 3 areas, namely Stocksbridge, Deepcar and Bolsterstone and is part of the Stocksbridge and Upper Don Ward.


  • Cllr Susie Abrahams
  • Cllr Richard Crowther
  • Cllr Keith Davis
  • Cllr Julie Grocutt
  • Cllr Alan Law
  • Cllr Joe Staniforth
  • Cllr Mark Whittaker

Contact information

Opening hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am to 2 pm

Teresa Bisatt
Clerk to the Council
Stocksbridge Town Council
Town Hall
Manchester Road
S36 2DT

Telephone: 0114 288 7895
Fax: 0114 288 7895

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Town Hall
Pinstone Street
S1 2HH

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