How the council operates

Our constitution sets out:

  • how we operate
  • how we make decisions
  • the procedures we follow to ensure we’re being efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

How the council works

There have recently been big changes to how the council makes decisions:

Policy Committees

In 2022 we changed to a new system of governance. All your councillors, from all parties represented on the council, can now take part in strategic decision-making as members of citywide Policy Committees.

Local Area Committees

In 2021 we created seven new Local Area Committees (LAC), to help bring decision-making closer to local communities.

Ways to get involved with the council

Here’s how you can get involved with your Sheffield City Council:

Partnership boards and committees

The council is represented on the following boards and committees:

Code of Corporate Governance

The Code of Corporate Governance sets out why good governance is important. It explains how we define this and tells you how we will make sure it takes place. 

Good governance is about making sure the council carries out its role wisely, openly and in a way that is accountable to local people. 

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