Streets Ahead is a huge city-wide highways maintenance contract that is upgrading and then maintaining the condition of our city’s roads, pavements, street lights, bridges and other items on or around our streets. It's the largest highway investment contract ever seen in Sheffield, worth £2bn.

What’s included?

This aim of this contract is to maintain and upgrade:

  • road and pavements
  • gritting and snow clearance
  • bridge and other road-side structures
  • roadside trees and verges
  • traffic lights and road signs
  • street lights
  • road drainage
  • street cleaning
  • street furniture including nameplate, bollards, safety fences, barriers and benches

Streets Ahead works will only be carried out on adopted roads. Other roads (such as private roads, trunk roads and unadopted public highways) are not included.

To date Streets Ahead has:

  • resurfaced over 1,691 miles of pavement
  • replaced 3,432 drainage gullies
  • installed over 66,802 new LED streetlights
  • responded to 99,288 requests for street cleaning
  • resurfaced over 855 miles of road
  • repaired over 154,056 potholes
  • made improvements to over 1,350 bridges and structures  

How will I know when Streets Ahead work will take place on my street?

On-street signs will be in place prior to work starting, confirming the start date and duration of the works.

Please note our works can be affected by unforeseen circumstances and we advise residents to check the on-street signage for the most up to date information.

The team who plan our works liaise with utility companies to co-ordinate our works to minimise disruption on the local community. 

Show map of works programme

  • Dates provided on the map are indicative dates only and can be subject to change.


As part of the Streets Ahead programme, some roads in Sheffield, which are in a reasonable condition, are receiving a micro-surfacing treatment.

Micro-surfacing is a way of extending the life of the road by sealing out water and creating a new top layer. The new treatment may appear rough after it's laid but will settle within a short time. We'll return following our completed works to sweep any loose stones from the surface.

Ironworks, such as gullies and manholes, may also be adjusted following the surfacing work.