Sheffield gateways

Streets Ahead carries out weekly cleaning of all the major gateways into Sheffield.

From Monday to Friday on an 8-week cycle, the teams:

  • remove litter
  • remove graffiti
  • clean road signs


The programme is broken down into week 1, week 2, through to week 8. It is from the roadside and traffic islands at each of the locations listed in the programme.

A specific gateway location is allocated to each day of the week.

The programme began in 2023 and will continue throughout 2024.

In 2024:

  • Week 3 began on 2 January
  • Week 4 on 8 January
  • Week 5 on 15 January

This cycle repeats, so Week 6 will begin on 22 January and so on.

How we operate

We only remove litter or graffiti from the highway network. This includes:

  • roads
  • traffic islands
  • footpaths and adjacent grass verges

We do not work on housing, Sheffield parks or private land.

How the programme may be affected

Our cleansing program may be paused in colder weather, such as when there is snow, ice, high winds and/or flooding.

In these circumstances, clearing ice and/or snow will take priority.  

Reporting further issues

You can continue to report any issues related to litter, graffiti and road signs at these locations, and in Sheffield, with the following links:

Litter and refuse form

Graffiti on the highway form

Problem with a road sign, crossings, street name, traffic lights or lit bollard form

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