Parking restrictions during Streets Ahead roadworks

All households in the affected areas will receive a letter in advance of the work and there will be signs on the streets telling motorists about the parking restrictions.

Towing away cars

Before we tow away a car, we will try to identify its owner by knocking on doors in the area to request that it is moved. If the owner cannot be located, we will issue a parking fine and either relocate the vehicle on street nearby, or tow it to a secure compound.

Information about where vehicles have been relocated or towed to is shared with the police. You can also contact enforcement on 0114 273 6255 to check the whereabouts of moved vehicles.

We know that roadworks and any level of disruption can be frustrating and hope that with your co-operation we will not need to do this.

If your vehicle has been taken to the pound you must pay the parking fine and removal charge (and storage fees if applicable) to get your vehicle back. You can appeal against the parking fine or removal charge within 28 days after you retrieve your vehicle from the pound. 


These fees are payable when you reclaim your vehicle if it has been towed to the pound due to Streets Ahead works:

  • a parking fine of £70 (or £35 if paid within 14 days)
  • a removal fee of £105
  • storage fees of £12 per day (after the first 48 hours)

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