Emerging Draft Sheffield Plan

We are working on a new draft Sheffield Local Plan that will guide the future of the city by setting out how and where development will take place up to 2039. We are calling it the ‘Sheffield Plan’ and, once it has been adopted, it will replace the Sheffield Core Strategy (2009) and ‘saved’ policies in the Sheffield Unitary Development Plan (1998). Refer to Adopted Sheffield Local Plan for more information about the Core Strategy and Unitary Development Plan.

Public consultation

A statutory "Regulation 19" public consultation on the Publication Draft Local Plan took place from Monday 9 January until Monday 20 February 2023.

This consultation was the last public stage before we submitted the Sheffield Plan to central government for independent examination. Full details of all of the documents that formed part of the consultation are available on our Sheffield Plan consultation portal. 

Sheffield Plan: Our City, Our Future - Issues and Options 2020

A statutory public consultation on the Issues and Options document 2020 took place from Tuesday 1 September until Tuesday 13 October 2020. This is the first stage of preparing the new Sheffield Plan.

The Issues and Options 2020 document outlined the key opportunities and challenges for the city.  It also set out some issues and options for consideration.

We had previously consulted on an issues and options document in 2015 (Citywide Options for Growth to 2034). But analysis of the responses to that consultation highlighted that many people were concerned about how much housing development was proposed on Green Belt land.

Economic growth and the provision of new homes are important issues that we need to address in order to plan for the future development of the city. In the Issues and Options document (2020), we asked whether more homes could be built on brownfield land, especially within, or close to, the city centre.

We produced a series of short summary presentations that explained what each section of the document was about.

Additional documents

As part of the Issues and Options consultation, we also asked for comments on some additional documents.

Background documents

The documents below explain technical matters that were referred to in the Issues and Options document:

A separate map and accompanying site schedule are available showing all the sites  referred to in the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA).

Online question and answer sessions

As part of the consultation on the Issues and Options document (2020), we held 3 online sessions where officers from the Sheffield Plan team were available to answer questions. These were held on the 3, 16 and 23 of September 2020.

You can read our responses to the questions asked at each session (as well as answers to any questions submitted to us in writing afterwards).

Issues and Options 2020 - Interim Consultation Report

The interim consultation report summarises the comments that were made on the Issues and Option document. It also provides a summary of who responded to the consultation.

The final consultation report will include the Council’s responses to the comments and suggestions that were made. It will be published alongside the Publication Draft Local Plan in autumn 2021.

November 2015 Consultation on the Citywide Options for Growth

We consulted on the ‘Citywide Options for Growth to 2034’ document in 2015.  A copy of this document alongside the various supporting documents and background evidence can be viewed below. 

The comments made on the 2015 consultation are published in our summary report. These comments have been used to inform the Issues and Options 2020 document, alongside other factors such as revised national planning policies, the declaration of the Climate Emergency and commitment to work towards making Sheffield zero carbon by 2030, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other background documents

We also have some background documents published in November 2015 to support the Citywide options for Growth document.

Submitted Plan and Public Examination

The Draft Sheffield Plan, together with amendments proposed by the City Council, was approved by the Council for submission to the Government on 6 September 2023.

The Draft Plan was submitted on 6 October 2023.

The next stage will be a Public Examination conducted by independent, Government-appointed Planning Inspectors. More information is available on the Sheffield Plan Examination webpage.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme sets out the timetable for producing the new Local Plan (the Sheffield Plan). A revised Local Development Scheme, setting out the steps involved in producing the plan, came into effect on 21 October 2021.

Call for sites

The call for sites consultation took place from 16 December 2019 to 7 February 2020.

Details of the sites that were put forward by landowners and developers through the call for sites are in the Sheffield Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) map and site schedule.

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