Sheffield Plan examination

The Local Plan (the Sheffield Plan) guides future growth in Sheffield.

The Draft Sheffield Plan will set out how and where development will take place up to 2039. It was submitted to Government for independent examination on 6 October 2023 under Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

Examination timeline

We anticipate that the Inspectors will issue:

  • initial questions for the Council
  • matters, issues and questions for the examination

and then produce:

  • a draft timetable for the hearings
  • a guidance note for participants that will be placed in the examination library

Examination library

This contains all the submission documentation, information on the examination process and will be further updated once the examination has started.

It also contains contact details for the independent programme officer, Ian Kemp, who is the point of contact for any questions about the examination. All correspondence with the Inspectors should be addressed through him.


As the local planning authority, we’re responsible for producing the Local Plan (the Sheffield Plan) which guides future growth in Sheffield. This helps us decide where and when development will take place up to 2039.

Our current adopted Local Plan comprises the Core Strategy (2009) and saved policies from the Unitary Development Plan (1998). Once adopted (finalised), the Sheffield Plan will replace these documents.

Following consultation on the Publication Draft Sheffield Plan in January and February 2023, we proposed amendments to the Draft Sheffield Plan which were approved by Full Council on the 6 September 2023.

The proposed amendments will be considered by the Inspector as part of the public examination of the Plan.

For further information about previous stages of the Sheffield Plan, please see Emerging Draft Sheffield Plan

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