Adopted Sheffield Local Plan

We're legally obliged to produce a development plan for the whole of Sheffield (except for the area in the Peak District National Park) and to keep it up to date. 

The current adopted Sheffield Local Plan comprises the Sheffield Core Strategy (adopted March 2009) (formerly called the Sheffield Development Framework Core Strategy) and ‘saved’ policies from the Sheffield Unitary Development Plan (1998). Many of the policies in the UDP were superseded when the Core Strategy adopted.  

A list of the ‘saved’ and superseded policies is provided below. The Council uses the Core Strategy and the saved UDP policies when deciding whether to grant planning permission.

The Council is preparing a new Local Plan which we are calling the ‘Sheffield Plan’.  

The Sheffield Core Strategy

The Core Strategy was adopted on 4 March 2009. The Core Strategy is the first of the planning documents of the Sheffield Development Framework (SDF).

Its purpose is to answer the question 'At a strategic level, what is going to happen, where and how is it going to happen?'

It sets out the overall vision, objectives and spatial strategy and policies for Sheffield over the period to 2026. An independent inspector examined the soundness of the Core Strategy following its submission in September 2007. Her report was published on 10 February 2009.  

The Sheffield Unitary Development Plan

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) was adopted as the statutory development plan for Sheffield in March 1998. It consists of:

  • a policy document 
  • a proposals map

Superseded policies

Some UDP policies were superseded by Core Strategy policies but are retained until the Sheffield Plan is adopted, so that they can continue to guide decisions about planning applications. In the event of any conflict between a UDP policy and an adopted Core Strategy policy, the Core Strategy will take precedence.

Our Car Parking Guidelines were reviewed when the Core Strategy was adopted and are to be interpreted as a maximum standard. Any variance will be assessed following the guidance set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. 

List of superseded UDP policies
  • SP1 A City for People
  • SP2 Sheffield as a Regional Centre
  • SP3 A City Centre for People
  • BE1 Townscape Design
  • BE2 Views and Vistas in the Built-Up Area
  • GE27 Alternative Energy Sources
  • GE28 Wind Energy
  • GE29 Energy Conservation
  • IB1 Employment and Economic Development
  • IB2 Locations for Industrial Development
  • IB3 Locations for Business Development
  • IB4 Land for Industry and Business (not saved beyond September 2007)
  • IB16 Rail Freight Facilities in Industry and Business Areas
  • H1 Land Needed for New Housing (not saved beyond September 2007)
  • H2 Locations for New Housing Development
  • H3 Land for New Housing
  • H4 Housing for People on Low Incomes
  • H12 Housing Development in the City Centre
  • H17 Environmental Improvements in Housing Areas
  • H18 Traffic in Housing Areas
  • S1 The City Centre and the Location of Major Shop Development
  • S12 Improvements to Shopping Centres
  • LR1 Tourism
  • LR4 Open Space
  • LR6 Development of Recreation Space for Indoor Recreation Facilities
  • LR7 Development of Recreation Space for Non-Recreational Uses
  • LR8 Development in Local Open Spaces
  • LR10 Improving Open Spaces
  • LR11 New Open Space
  • MW3 Waste Management
  • MW8 Land Reclamation
  • T1 Promoting Public Transport
  • T2 Promoting Bus Use
  • T3 Supertram
  • T4 Promoting Rail Use
  • T6 Park and Ride
  • T7 Promoting Walking and Cycling
  • T9 High Amenity Zones
  • T12 Traffic Calming
  • T13 Area-wide Traffic Calming
  • T14 Environmental Traffic Management
  • T15 Strategic Road Network
  • T19 Road Maintenance
  • T20 Travel to the City Centre
  • T26 National and International Transport
  • T27 Freight

Monitoring Reports

The most recent full Local Plan Monitoring Report was published in 2011.

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