The Authority is responsible for setting term dates for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools only, including special schools. Schools that are their own Admission Authority (Academies, Foundations, Trusts, Voluntary Aided) can set their own term dates, but there is a desire to try and operate a common set of term dates across the City.

Proposed school calendar for 2019-20 academic year

School calendar for 2018-19 academic year

  • We have determined the School Calendar for the 2018/19 academic year for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools. Schools that are their own Admission Authority such as Academies, Voluntary Aided and Foundation Schools can set their own calendar if they wish. Historically there has been every effort made to operate similar calendars for the benefit of all school communities. The attached letter provides more details and a link to the Cabinet Member’s decision. 

School holidays & term dates: 2017-18

Sheffield school holidays and terms dates from September 2017 to July 2018.

All dates are inclusive.

Autumn Half Term 1

  • term starts Monday 4 September until Friday 27 October 2017
  • half term holiday: Monday 30 October until Friday 3 November 2017

Autumn Half Term 2

  • term starts Monday 6 November until Friday 22 December 2017
  • Christmas holiday: Monday 25 December 2017 until Friday 5 January 2018

Spring Half Term 1

  • term starts Monday 8 January until Friday 16 February 2018
  • half term holiday: Monday 19 February until Friday 23 February 2018

Spring Half Term 2

  • term starts Monday 26 February until Thursday 29 March 2018
  • Easter holiday: Friday 30 March until Friday 13 April 2018

Summer Half Term 1

  • term starts Monday 16 April until Friday 25 May 2018
  • May Day holiday: 7 May
  • Spring Bank holiday: Monday 28 May until Friday 1 June 2018

Summer Half Term 2

Term starts Monday 4 June until Tuesday 24 July 2018.

Our proposed school term dates and holidays for 2018-19 is avilable to download. We received a very strong response in favour of fixing the Easter break during consultation on the 2017-18 term dates, and therefore we're proposing a single model that fixes the break at the beginning of April 2019. Please note that the actual bank holidays fall on 19 and 22 April, which is outside the proposed break.

School calendar 2017-18 consultation

Following consultation in 2016, the school calendar for 2017/2018 was approved by our Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families on 21 July 2016. 

There were over 1200 responses to the consultation with the overwhelming majority (71%) of respondents preferring Option 2 which fixes the Easter Break in the first 2 weeks of April.

Of those stakeholders that responded in support of Option 2:

  • 69% of all parent responses
  • 85% of all Head Teachers/Principals
  • 76% of all teaching staff
  • 71% of all non-teaching staff
  • 77% of all Governors

The Calendar applies to all Community Schools, Voluntary Controlled Schools and Community Special Schools. 

Voluntary Aided Schools, Foundation Schools, Trusts and Academies are free to set their own calendar but are asked to adopt our model for consistency. 

Voluntary Aided Schools are still free to set their own Easter break.

The Council’s decision does not affect the statutory Bank Holidays.

Appendix D provides detailed analysis of the responses to the consultation.

Term time leave

Our School Term Time Leave Policy is currently being updated.

The outcome of a recent court case in the Isle of Wight has generated some public debate and enquiries about the issuing of penalty notices for unauthorised absence in Sheffield.

Regular attendance at school is vital to help children and young people achieve their full potential and get the best possible start in life.

The Isle of Wight case has not changed the law and has not set a legal precedent. Magistrates courts will continue to consider the legislation on a case by case basis. We will continue to issue penalty notices on behalf of schools for irregular attendance and unauthorised leave in term time until such time as the legislation or guidance from the government changes. 

Use the resources on this page to download our policy and our code of conduct on how we issue Fixed Penalty Notices.

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