We're responsible for setting term dates for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools, including special schools. All schools must provide 190 days of education a year.

Schools also need to have 5 teacher professional development days. Professional development days are not fixed and each school will decide for itself when and how to take these days. Schools may close for a full day, part of a day, or have all of their professional development training after normal school hours. Your school will tell you if they will affect your child.

We use a common set of term dates across the city, but schools that have their own Admission Authority can set their own term dates and our calendars may not apply to them.

These schools include:

  • academies
  • foundations
  • trusts
  • voluntary aided schools

School Calendar 2021-22

We are responsible for setting the school calendar each year for Community schools, including special school and Voluntary Controlled  Schools. The Calendar for 2021-22 has been formally approved by the Cabinet Member, Cllr Abtisam Mohamed. In line with the school calendars from 2018, the approved calendar continues to set the Easter at the beginning of April. 

You can also read full details of the Cabinet's decision.

Easter break fixed

During consultation on the 2017-18 term dates, we received a very strong response in favour of fixing the Easter break. As a result, we're proposing a single model that fixes the break at the beginning of April 2019 for all our schools. Please note that the bank holidays fall on 19 and 22 April, which is outside the proposed break.

School holidays and term dates 2019-20

Download the school calendar for the 2019-20 academic year and read the decision letter for why these dates where chosen.

Please note that this revised calendar confirms that the May Day Bank Holiday has been moved by the Government from 4 May to Friday 8 May 2020 to commemorate VE day celebrations.

School holidays and term dates 2020/21

The School Calendar for the 2020/21 was formally approved on 27 March 2019. A copy of the final report and the approved calendar are attached for information. We are responsible for setting the Calendar for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools only. Academies, Voluntary Aided and Foundation Schools can adopt our calendar or set their own.

School closures for religious observance

If your school plans to close for religious holidays then they will let you know ahead of time and will ensure that all 190 teaching days are achieved.