School catchment areas

Each school in Sheffield has a designated catchment area from which it admits its pupils. Your home will be within one of these geographical areas, defined by your postcode and house number.

Living in a catchment area does not guarantee a place at that school. 

If you can't find your postcode on our maps, for example if you live in a new housing development, 

contact us.

If you live in any of the following postcodes, your catchment school will not show on this catchment search:

  • S3 0BS
  • S3 0ES
  • S35 0BS
  • S35 0BT
  • S35 0BX
  • S35 0BY
  • S35 0ES
  • S35 0ET
  • S35 0EU
  • S35 0EW
  • S35 0EX

This is because you are not Sheffield residents as you pay your council tax to Barnsley. However, you may still have a Sheffield catchment school. This school will either be Wharncliffe Side Primary and Bradfield Secondary. 

Church schools have their own faith based criteria for admissions.

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Applying for a school place

Find out more about school admissions and apply for a place.

Appeals and oversubscribed schools

Your child's year group may already be full at their catchment school. If so, you can still apply for a place but you will have to submit an appeal.

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