Streets Ahead is a huge city-wide highways maintenance contract that is upgrading the condition of our city’s roads, pavements, street lights, bridges and other items on or around our streets. It's the largest highway investment contract ever seen in Sheffield, worth £2bn.

To date Streets Ahead has

  • resurfaced over 600 miles of road
  • resurfaced over 1200 miles of pavement
  • replaced over 50,000 street lights
  • made improvements to 300 bridges and structures.

What’s included?

  • upgrade work
  • road and pavement maintenance
  • gritting and snow clearance
  • bridge and other road-side structures maintenance
  • roadside trees
  • verge maintenance
  • traffic lights and road sign maintenance
  • street lights maintenance
  • road drainage maintenance
  • street cleaning
  • street furniture maintenance including nameplate, bollards, safety fences, barriers and benches.

How will I know when Streets Ahead work will take place on my street?

We'll write to those of you who are directly affected by Streets Ahead works before we start any work on your road. You'll also be invited to a roadshow where you can speak directly to the Streets Ahead team and find out details about the types of works planned for your area and the timescales for the work.

Each of the letters will include a unique number e.g. #SAB10 that can be used on the Streets Ahead twitter feed to check for the latest updates.

Please make sure to look out for the on-street signs which will be in place approximately 5 days prior to work starting. These will provide the most up to date works information and will be updated to reflect any changes to the programme.

Streets Ahead contract

We're publishing the Streets Ahead contract as part of our on-going commitment to transparency. Please note that information has been redacted where it is considered commercially confidential or includes personal data.

We're currently in the process of reviewing and redacting the remaining schedules and annexes to the contract and hope to be in a position in the next few months to have completed this exercise and publish these documents on the website.

Some of the Schedules are too large to be published online but these Schedules can be viewed by appointment following the publication of the remaining Schedules and Annexures.

These Schedules are

  • Schedule 16 – Agreed Non-Compliant Project Network Parts
  • Schedule 20 – Project Network Information

Please contact us to make an appointment to view these Schedules.

Legal notice

The reproduction or transmission of all or part of this document (including any ancillary documents, such as Schedules and Annexures hereto), whether by photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means or otherwise, without the express written permission of Sheffield City Council, is strictly prohibited.

The commission of any unauthorised act in relation to this document (including any ancillary documents, such as Schedules and Annexures hereto) may result in civil or criminal actions being taken by Sheffield City Council against the commissioner(s) of such acts.

Licences issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Limited (or any similar body or replacement or successor body) do not extend to this document (including any ancillary documents, such as Schedules and Annexures hereto.

Streets Ahead

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