Broomhill Conservation Area is located in the suburbs of Sheffield, about 2km west of the City Centre. It lies in a wholly urban setting, just north of the Botanical Gardens.

The special interest that justifies the designation of the Broomhill Conservation Area comes from the following, but not exclusively:

  • architectural and historic interest of the 19th Century buildings, at least 20 of which are listed buildings
  • good examples of 19th Century middle class villas in Gothic and Classical styles
  • good examples of 19th Century terraced housing
  • planned Victorian developments, eg Rutland Park
  • important historical architecture from prominent local architects eg Flockton & Abbott
  • historic stone floors, old lamp columns, iron railings and stone boundary walls
  • widespread mature trees and hedges

Date of designation

Broomhill Conservation Area was designated on 2 March 1977 and has had several boundary changes since that time.

Conservation Area Appraisal

In our duty to periodically review historic areas and publish proposals for their future preservation and enhancement, we undertook a Conservation Area Appraisal and produced a Management Plan. The Appraisal and Management Plan was adopted on 17 December 2007.

One of the main outcomes from the Appraisal was the desire by local people to have an Article 4 Direction to remove "permitted development rights" and resist inappropriate alterations to property.

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