There are approximately 2,100 leaseholders in Sheffield and the numbers are growing at approximately 70–100 per year.

There are Tenants & Resident Association (TARA) & Leaseholder groups across the city and also a city-wide forum made up from leasehold representatives.  The groups discuss a wide range of leaseholder issues, including leases and the service charges, levels of service and consultation on major works.

Most of the groups meet annually or more frequently if required. Membership is open to every council leaseholder.

Our response to the Government's new social housing green paper

The Government has published their social housing green paper “A new deal for social housing” (14 August 2018). It aims to rebalance the relationship between residents and landlords, tackle stigma and ensure that social housing is both safe and decent. Landlords, residents and anyone with an interest from across the country were asked to give their views on the proposals within the paper.

We have provided our response to the Government, incorporating feedback that we received directly from residents in the city.

Leaseholder forum

The forum is made up of representatives from all the individual leaseholders groups. It meets on a twice yearly basis to discuss city-wide issues affecting leaseholders and to make recommendations and decisions.

Everyone who owns the long lease of a flat or maisonette within a council-owned building is welcome to come along and join the Leaseholder Forum.

The Forum aims to:

  • improve communication between leaseholders, ourselves and the Council
  • act as a consultation forum for all issues and services affecting leaseholders
  • give leaseholders the opportunity to become involved in the development of service improvements that affect them

The Forum meets on a twice yearly basis and all leaseholders receive written notification of meetings. If you would like more information or have any comment to make about tenant involvement please contact us.

Housing and neighbourhoods advisory panel

Sheffield City Council has set up the Housing and Neighbourhoods Advisory Panel (HANAP) to ensure tenants and leaseholders continue to influence strategic housing issues.

Tenants and Residents Associations (TARAs) were invited to nominate candidates who they felt had a real interest in making a difference to housing across the city, on behalf of their neighbours, communities and fellow tenants.

HANAP replaces the Interim Sheffield Council Housing Board, which was set up in April 2013 to replace the Sheffield Homes Board of Directors when the Council took direct control of the housing service. 

Altogether there were 15 nominations for six tenant places. A leaseholder representative also sits on the panel and a sheltered housing resident will join later this year.

The new body will discuss, scrutinise, challenge and advise on investment programmes, business plans and performance issues. The new panel reflects customer feedback received during the Council’s huge consultation project into the future of council housing, in which people asked for tenant-led forums. The panel will meet monthly with Cllr Jayne Dunn to discuss housing issues.

Income management

Have your say in how income management services are managed. This group is the key consultation, performance and joint decision making body and will:

  • discuss, debate and devise policies
  • co-ordinate wider consultation with tenants and other stakeholders
  • make decisions to improve service and performance
  • analyse and debate financial and budgetary implications for the service
  • make recommendations to the Senior Partnership Group to influence decision making at a higher level
  • review and monitor existing service performance
  • share good practice and network
  • develop you knowledge of the service so that it can be shared with the wider tenant movement
  • flag up issues and concerns to Senior Partnership Group with a view to triggering tenant scrutiny

Each of the partnership groups needs to have representation from the following:

  • TARA representatives – preferably at least one from each of the housing management areas
  • representatives from the Talk2SheffieldHomes database
  • staff members – unit manager plus front line staff members
  • choices not barriers member 
  • BME Planning Group member
  • leaseholder
  • Community engagement partnership group

City wide forum

This Forum meets bi-monthly and is used to:

  • consult on city-wide changes to housing services
  • inform tenants and residents of changes to Government, Council or Council Housing Service policy in relation to housing
  • debate issues through workshops and provide feedback to Council Housing Service and the Council to inform decision making

Contact Community Engagement & Governance Team