Tenants and residents associations

There are over 40 Tenants and Residents Associations (TARAs) in Sheffield, each representing its members. They strive to bring their communities together by supporting activities or events that are of interest to local people.

TARAs are each run by a committee of local volunteers, and can vary in sizes from 100 to 3,000 members.

Who can join a TARA

The membership is made up of Council tenants living within the TARA boundary, who each pay a 10p per week with their rent to support their local TARA. Other local residents living within the TARA boundary can also join by paying a membership fee, normally £5 per year.

What TARAs do

TARA activities are as varied as their size. Some campaign on issues within their community, such as problems with parking or anti-social behaviour, and request attendance from their local Councillors and Council staff. Some have their own social media presence such as Facebook or Twitter which they use to advertise their activities. Some offer computer classes, whilst others offer regular social activities such as a coffee morning, lunch club, bingo, chair-aerobics or even day trips. 

There are also a number of TARAs who provide activities for children and young people such as homework clubs, junior TARA or children’s game and craft nights.

They all encourage pride in the estates where they live and some organise activities such as litter picks and campaigns for more litter bins. One or two have their own gardening competition or provide a community garden that anyone in the area can access.

Find out more about your TARA or start a new one

If you do pay levy with your rent and want to know more about your local TARA you can search Google or use the Sheffield Directory by typing in TARA as a keyword and the area location or postcode underneath.

Not all TARAs are listed and not all areas of Sheffield are covered by a TARA. For more information you can contact the Housing and Neighbourhoods Service on 0114 273 5566 or email getinvolved@sheffield.gov.uk.

If you are not in a TARA boundary and are interested in starting a new TARA and want to know what is involved then again please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

You can also sign up for our TARA newsletter.

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