Furnished properties

We aim to provide good quality furnished housing at an affordable rent. We currently have around 2,200 different sized furnished properties of all types and sizes across the city.

By furnishing properties we have helped to create sustainable communities and offer an affordable alternative to either high street stores with high interest credit or those living in expensive bed and breakfast accommodation.

If you have been given A or B prioirty status you will be eligible to request for a Sheffield City Council property to be furnished once you have had a successful bid.

If the property is already furnished, you can only accept it as furnished.

Furniture packages

We supply a number of different types of furniture, such as sofas, beds, white goods, carpets, and curtains. You can find details of the options available in our 'Your Furniture Choice' leaflet.

Furniture or flooring is given a points value. The total value of points then falls into one of the bracket limits and equates to a service charge each week, which covers set up and maintenance. It also includes an annual inspection to check its condition and to test all electrical equipment for safety:

  • bronze - 10 points (£11.03 per week)
  • silver - 15 points (£16.55 per week)
  • gold - 20 points  (£22.06 per week)

No alternative will be offered as to mixing the flooring colours or the area where it is fitted (for example, we will not put vinyl in the lounge).

Eligibility for washing machines and fridge freezers are subject to existing available space and plumbing services in the property.

Whenever possible we refurbish, electrically test and steam clean all our goods, so we do not guarantee brand new goods.

The furniture will always remain our property, you cannot remove it without our consent.

Caring for our environment

We're doing all we can to protect the environment, whilst providing high quality services to tenants.

We aim to clean, service or restore items to a high quality so we can reuse equipment whenever possible.

Items that cannot be reused are disposed of in an environmentall friendly way.

For example:

  • our mattresses are biodegradable and we have reduced landfill by getting our bed bases and suites recovered
  • we use a specialist company to recycle white goods and associated components
  • we have fewer, but larger, deliveries to cut down on fuel use and pollution

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