Altering my property

If you are thinking about altering your council home, you must ask for permission from us in writing before you start the work.

This includes:

  • installing satellite dishes, TV or radio aerials
  • building a shed, greenhouse or pond in your garden
  • building or repositioning a wall, fence or gate
  • installing a drive, hardstanding, garage or decking
  • taking out any internal or external walls, moving doorways and changing internal or external doors
  • installing new windows, patio doors or conservatories
  • changing a gas/electric fire or installing a new fitted fire surround
  • changing internal fixtures supplied by us, such as taps or kitchen units
  • planning an extension or loft conversion
  • installing a shower or removing a bath
  • decorating the outside of your home
  • installing a water meter
  • fitting a laminate or new wood floor
  • installing handrails, ramps or stair lifts

We will give you a decision within 21 days of receiving your request.

After getting permission, you have 90 days to carry out the work. We will inspect the work afterwards.

If we refuse permission, we will write to you to explain why. If you go ahead without permission, we may take action against you, including potential costs for you to put things right if the work is substandard.

If you have altered your property in the past without permission, let us know and we’ll make every effort to grant you ‘retrospective’ permission.

If you alter or add something to your home without permission, you may have to put things right at your own expense if the work does not meet a standard that is satisfactory.


If you are planning to carry out DIY work and think asbestos could be present, contact us for advice. You should also get in touch if you think you have damaged a material containing asbestos. It’s not always easy to spot materials containing asbestos on their appearance alone, so, if in doubt, assume they do and seek advice.

Asbestos is only harmful if disturbed so you don’t need to do anything unless you think it has been damaged or is in poor condition.

We have carried out surveys of our properties to find out where there is material containing asbestos, helping us to keep customers, contractors and visitors safe. The work includes:

  • a full internal and external inspection
  • keeping a log of the type, location and condition of any asbestos found
  • removing or sealing/making safe damaged material
  • re-inspecting homes where asbestos is found to ensure it remains in a safe and stable condition

You can request a copy of your property’s survey from one of our Neighbourhood Offices, First Point or by calling us.

When the alterations are completed

If we give you permission you should carry out the work, within 90 days and let us know when it is complete. We will then inspect the work to make sure that it is satisfactory to Council Housing Service.

If we have not heard from you within the 90 day period we will contact you to find out if you are still carrying out the work. If we don’t hear from you the permission will be withdrawn and you will have to apply again.

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