Ending a tenancy

You must give 4 full weeks’ notice in writing if you are moving out of your council home. Send your notice letter to your Neighbourhood Office or First Point, or you can visit either to sign a termination of tenancy form.

The document that you sign is legally binding and, once submitted, must be followed through (in exceptional circumstances this may be reviewed).

An officer will inspect your property during the notice period.

You must continue to pay your rent until your tenancy has ended, after which time you don’t have any right to stay in your former home.

You don’t have to give 4 weeks’ notice if you are transferring to another Sheffield Council tenancy or moving into a residential care home.

After you give us your notice to quit, we will give you a date and time to return your keys and any access fobs you have. If you don’t, you will be charged for the use of your former home until you hand in the keys or we change the locks (which you will be charged for).

Up to date rent

When you hand in your keys, your rent account must be clear. If you are unable to pay any arrears in full, we can set up a weekly payment plan to clear your debt.

If you are not moving to another council property, you must give us a forwarding address and telephone number. If you don’t, we will take steps to find you using tracing agents and debt collectors.

We may also take legal action to recover the debt and you could be disqualified from the Housing Register, preventing you from getting a council home in the future.

Clearing your home

You must leave your property clean and tidy – we will charge you for any items left behind that you didn’t have permission to leave (with the exception of curtains and blinds).

Let your Neighbourhood Office know about any other items you wish to leave, such as carpets and floor coverings.

The charge for removing items left behind is a minimum of £90, rising to over £250. We will not accept responsibility should you want them back.

Make sure you clear outbuildings, lofts and cupboards, remove satellite dishes, and leave gardens tidy.

Do not remove furniture that was provided by the Council for a furnished tenancy.

Alterations, home improvements or damage

You need to put right any damage caused by yourself, family or guests.

If you have removed doors, fires or other fittings which were there when you moved in, you must leave satisfactory replacements that are in good working order. We will charge you if you don’t.

Although any home improvements or fittings you have installed normally become the property of the city council, you can claim money back for improvements you have made to your council home before you give up your tenancy. Ask at your Neighbourhood Office or by completing the Tenants Compensation Scheme form.

Removal of gas appliances

Only contractors on the Gas Safe Register can remove gas appliances. If pipes are left unsealed you could face legal action and repair costs.


Remember to make arrangements for your pets when you move. Check whether your new property allows animals – if you break your tenancy conditions, you could face court action.

If you need to re-home your pets, contact the RSPCA or another animal charity for advice.

Gas, water and electricity

Before you leave, make sure you have turned off all the taps and, if possible, turn the water off at the stop tap.

Remember to get in touch with your utility suppliers with final readings of gas, electricity and water meters.

Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support and Council Tax

If you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, make sure you continue to receive it by telling the Benefits Service what your new address is as soon as possible. If you don’t receive either, you must let the Council Tax Office know of your move.

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