Grants and funding for the voluntary sector

We only award grants to voluntary sector organisations based in Sheffield. If you would like support and information on grants for individuals, you can apply to your Local Assistance Scheme.

The Grant Giving Team at Sheffield City Council strategically invests £2,985,372.53 annually into Sheffield’s crucial voluntary sector with 56 partners and over 30 lunch clubs, providing activities, support and advice to the residents of Sheffield. We recognise the vital role the voluntary sector plays in meeting the city's priorities.

Current grants available

Family Hub Community Champion Network Grant 

The Family Hub Network will enhance connecting early years providers, community partners and the families they link with to the Family Hub (FH) and Start for Life (SfL) offer.

We will work together to ensure all Sheffield families have access to services which are able to provide earliest support to individual families and increase the number of families accessing Family Hub services including:

We aim to work together to deliver services which are:

  • more accessible 
  • better connected 
  • relationship focussed 

Individual lots of £10,000 are available to support this transformation across the city. More information is available below:

How to apply

Complete the application form below and email it to

The closing date for applications is midnight on Sunday 22 October 2023.

Annual grants

The following are the grant awards made by Sheffield City Council annually:

People Keeping Well Programme (£1,518,268.53 annually)
  • Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS), (£22,000)
  • Age UK (£61,904)
  • Darnall Wellbeing (£121,100)
  • Heeley City Farm (£76,349.63)
  • Heeley Trust with partners: FURD, Heeley Asian Women’s Group, Roshni, Shipshape (£57,000)
  • Manor Castle Development Trust (£181,900)
  • The Terminus Initiative (£78,436)
  • Shipshape with partners: Archer Project, Employers Forum, Broomhall Forum, Apna (£123,900)
  • SOAR with partners: Firvale Community Hub and Aspiring Communities Trust (ACT), (£428,578.71)
  • Stocksbridge Leisure Centre (£53,668.73)
  • Woodhouse Community Development Forum (£164,926.30)
  • Zest, with partner St Johns (£148,505.73)

‘People Keeping Well’ is sometimes known as Social Prescribing. It's all about connecting people to a range of local services to improve general health and wellbeing. 

The programme focuses on interventions to increase access to services and to tackle the issues which underpin many health problems. It also builds on the skills which already exist in these communities.

People Keeping Well is comprised of two strands: the Community Wellbeing Programme and Resilient Communities, both of which are delivered by 17 partnerships across the city. The initiative grew out of the Health Communities Programme and has been developed in partnership with local people, with activities provided through voluntary sector organisations.

The People Keeping Well team at Sheffield City Council works with the lead voluntary sector organisations, administering and monitoring grants; connecting the organisations with partners and other projects/programmes and funding opportunities; and disseminating information and opportunities.

A further five years of funding for People Keeping Well and Grant Aid (2023-2028) was approved at the Sheffield City Council Strategy and Resources Committee on 5 December 2022. The committee papers can be accessed here, see agenda item 11:

Strategy and Resources Policy Committee - Monday 5 December 2022, 2:00 pm

If you have further questions, you can contact the team at

Support and Infrastructure for the VCS (£171,681 annually)
  • Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS), (£131,564)
  • South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB), (£40,117)

Grant award goes to support staffing, core and direct costs which support the delivery of the volunteer centre and organisational and impact development services.

This grant helps other VSOs to:

  • recruit the volunteers they need and develop their skills and knowledge to best practice standards
  • improve VSOs prospects of developing and maintaining a diverse income base in line with the existing and emerging opportunities available to the sector
  • gain the skills and capacity to develop tools to demonstrate the impact of their services/activities
  • manage and respond to internal or external change by means of adapting their ways of working and/or embarking on partnerships and mergers, or where appropriate ending the grant agreement, helping to source alternative funding

The grant also goes towards providing tailored support to the Lunch Clubs service, in particular providing advice, support and managing referrals into the Lunch Clubs.

Tackling the Cost of Living and Poverty in Sheffield (£827,895 annually)
  • Citizens Advice Sheffield (CAS), previously known as Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Sheffield (CAS) delivers a quality assured, citywide service that provides access to free, confidential, impartial triage and initial advice to those with complex problems who need support.

In 2021/22 CAS was able to help 27,265 people across Sheffield on over 74,000 issues with over £11 million gained through unclaimed benefits and £850,000 of debt written off.

This grant contributes to salaries and the core costs of running CAS.

Supporting Vulnerable People (£105,567 annually)
  • St. Vincent De Paul Sheffield (£53,283)

This grant goes towards supporting and contributing to the core running costs of the store. St. Vincent De Paul collects and distributes recycled furniture and household items to vulnerable families or individuals and those in crisis across Sheffield.

In 2021/22:

  • 5898 pieces of furniture were delivered to 1050 families
  • 100+ food parcels were delivered to vulnerable adults and families
  • 77 tonnes of furniture were recycled and didn’t go into landfill
  • Bens Centre (£52,284)

This grant contributes towards supporting the core running costs of the organisation. Ben's Centre provides a day centre and outreach programme which supports vulnerable adults, particularly those experiencing substance misuse and homelessness. They aim to help adults to make more positive choices and work toward a brighter future.

In 2021/22 they provided:

  • 3480 hot meals
  • support 115 vulnerable adults with 894 uses of the clothes bank
Supporting People Newly Arrived to Sheffield (£51,319 annually)
  • City of Sanctuary (£37,453)

This grant contributes towards the core costs and delivery of the Victoria Hall drop-in for refugees and asylum seekers. It also supports the fortnightly Service Provider Meetings and the Refugee and Migrant Forum. In 2021/22, City of Sanctuary provided support and advice to 499 refugees and asylum seekers through their weekly multi-agency drop-in sessions. 

  • VAS New Beginnings (£13,866)

New Beginnings Project supports refugees, migrants and asylum seekers to access volunteering opportunities. This project is also supported through funding from the Big Lottery. Through this jointly funded project 411 refugees and asylum seekers were supported and 26 gained in employment.

Supporting Communities and Health and Wellbeing (£100,042 annually)
  • Sheffield Adult Volunteering Teaching of English (SAVTE) (£35,298)

This grant provides a contribution towards the core running costs of the organisation. SAVTE adopts a community development approach that provides a range of opportunities for individuals to learn functional English. In 2021/22:

  • 98 learners received six months of one-to-one support
  • 107 learners learned English through small online groups
  • 342 learners accessed conversation groups within the community
  • Roshni (£34,744)

Roshni is a language and female specific resource centre. This grant contributes to a range of services and activities for vulnerable Asian women across Sheffield including two weekly outreach sessions in Darnall and Tinsley. In 2021/22 Roshni were able to support 299 women through their ‘Empowerment Project’ and 40 women received culturally specific counselling. 

  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Elders (£30,000)

The ‘Building Better Lives’ project works with elders from Sheffield’s BME communities. It also aims to reduce loneliness, improve emotional wellbeing and increase participants to access mainstream services. This is delivered through a collaboration of organisations Roshni, Aspiring Communities Together (ACT), and Firvale Community Hub.

Lunch Clubs (£93,900 annually)

29 lunch clubs are currently supported and funded through grant awards from Sheffield City Council. 
Lunch clubs enable older people across the city to make long lasting friendships, share good food, and enjoy interesting activities. They are friendly and supportive groups, predominantly run by volunteers with a desire to give something back to their local community. The Council's Lunch Club Fund provides small grants for clubs across the city supporting them to provide essential social occasions which can help reduce loneliness and isolation of older people.

If you would like to find a lunch club to join, you can contact Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS). They run a city-wide service to help match people up with local lunch clubs.

Social Eating and Community Development (£116,700 annually)

This funding supports the cost-of-living crisis, including new approaches to community development and social eating that support different ages and cultures in the city of Sheffield.

Social eating and developing community activities are asset-based approaches to tackling loneliness and social isolation, both of which are as dangerous to physical health as smoking and cardiovascular disease.

You can find out more about joining Lunch and Friendship Clubs on the Sheffield Directory.

Available funding

If you are looking for funding or support to access funding, you can contact the following organisations:

  • South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB) - they provide information, advice and training on funding and fundraising to community and voluntary organisations
  • Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) - provide support and leadership to the voluntary sector and has done so for over 90 years. Their mission is to support the development of voluntary and community action in a professional way, so it is sustainable & brings about positive social change
  • South Yorkshire's Community Foundation (SYCF) helps individuals and businesses who want to give generously to support their wide-ranging grant programme for community groups. Giving, and helping people and businesses to give, is what they have been passionate about for over 37 years.
  • Local Area Committees (LAC) promote the involvement of local people in the democratic process and to bring decision making closer to local people
  • Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF) This holiday provision is for school-aged children from reception to year 11 (inclusive) who receive benefits-related free school meals
  • Sheffield Directory - your local information and advice website. Use it to find information and advice, and to discover local groups, activities and services in your area

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