Voluntary, community and faith groups

We are partnered with a range of voluntary services that can offer funding and advice to your voluntary, community and faith groups.

South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB)

SYFAB provide free advice to voluntary, community and faith groups about where to apply for appropriate funding for local projects.

SYFAB provides:

  • funding advice
  • free funding searches
  • regular funding news
Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS)

VAS is a charity that supports the local voluntary and community sector.

They provide:

  • social enterprise development
  • management and governance
  • advice for small groups
  • legal and HR advice
  • support for infrastructure organisations
  • a Community Accountancy Service (including payroll services and independent examination of financial accounts)
  • training courses and workshops for the voluntary sector
Volunteer Centre Sheffield

The Volunteer Centre assists:

  • individuals wishing to volunteer
  • community organisations looking for volunteers
Voluntary Sector Liaison Team

Our Voluntary Sector Liaison Team provides information about our Lunch Club Grant Funds and Voluntary Sector Grants Fund.

Email: vslt@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 4631

South Yorkshire's Community Foundation (SYCF)

South Yorkshire's Community Foundation helps individuals and businesses who want to give generously to support their wide-ranging grant programme for community groups. Giving, and helping people and businesses to give, is what they have been passionate about for over 37 years.

Sheffield Town Trust

The Sheffield Town Trust distributes about £400,000 per year to groups and organisations ‘for charitable and public purposes’ for the benefit of Sheffield and its inhabitants. The Trustees meet 4 times per year.

Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust

Funding is awarded for ecclesiastical, educational and other charitable work to groups in Sheffield from the Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust.

They also have the Church Burgesses Educational Foundation which is open to individuals as well as organisations.

J G Graves Charitable Trust

This local charity awards grants to disadvantaged groups, community-based projects and facilities, and activities to improve quality of life and the heritage of Sheffield.

The Trustees of the J G Graves Charitable Trust meet 4 times per year.

Thriving Voluntary, Community and Faith Leadership Group

This was established in early 2014 and is the custodian of the 'Sheffield Compact' - a written agreement to help us work together effectively 'cross-sector'.

The group is made up of us and representatives from:

  • the Voluntary Community and Faith (VCF) Sector
  • NHS Sheffield
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office
  • South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Sheffield First Partnership

As well as acting as custodians of the Compact, the group aims to:

  • ensure the city recognises the contribution of the VCF Sector as a key element of success
  • champion a strong approach to the co-design and co-production of services
  • encourage communication and consultation between the private, public and VCF sectors
  • advise a range of organisations on the development of strategies and action plans

You can download and view the Terms of Reference for the Group and the notes from the 2015 meetings.

Cross-sector events

The Group co-ordinates regular events which provide an opportunity for a wide range of organisations across the VCF Sector and representatives from public sector organisations to come together to:

  • discuss key city-wide issues
  • shape strategic thinking and planning
  • share skills, knowledge and expertise
The Sheffield Compact

This is a written agreement between us, NHS Sheffield and the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector in Sheffield. Other public sector organisations are also invited to sign up.

It outlines the shared values of the signatories and encourages a positive working relationship between the sectors, and aims to achieve:

  • a strong, diverse and independent Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector
  • effective and transparent design and development of policies, programmes and public services
  • responsive and high quality programmes and services
  • clear arrangements for managing changes to programmes and services
  • a more equal and fair society

The Compact provides a way of working across the sectors which should underpin everything we do together, as well as a dispute resolution procedure when partners cannot resolve differences.

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