North Local Area Committee Community Plan

The North Sheffield Local Area Committee (LAC) developed its draft community plan through consultations with the public. We identified key issues within the area and developed a series of priorities that would inform the direction of the LAC.

The key priorities highlighted in the plan are:

  • safe roads and effective transport links
  • clean and attractive environment
  • vibrant community life

Next Steps

A number of areas for further exploratory work have been identified. These include:

  • activities for young residents by developing a group to look at current provision and engaging young residents to hear their needs
  • digital infrastructure and digital exclusion
  • routes to share community/ service information
  • routes to develop and promote volunteering
  • work focussed on supporting those in greatest need
  • people’s experience of local transport routes and other options such as community transport
  • options for road safety around schools, including 20mph zones
  • installation of vehicle-activated signs in each ward to flag excess speed
  • how to promote the integration of young residents who have been housed in council accommodation
  • how we can support local high streets
  • how we can support and develop local community groups and buildings
  • improving play facilities, parks and open spaces 
  • work to tackle graffiti, litter and fly-tipping hotspots 

This will lead to the development of options for projects and use of LAC budget. It is expected that proposals will be brought to the next LAC meeting in June/ July 2022.

Alongside this, an action plan will be developed to track the implementation of agreed work.

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