Central Local Area Committee Community Plan

The Central Sheffield Local Area Committee (LAC) developed our community plan through consultations with residents, voluntary, community and faith sector (VCFS) groups and other stakeholders.

These consultations have helped us identify five key priorities within the area, which will inform what steps we plan to take on tackling the issues that matter most to residents.

The key priorities highlighted in the plan are:

  • transport and highways
  • environment
  • community safety and crime
  • community and neighbourhoods
  • business, employment and skills

Next steps

A number of actions are planned to address each of the priorities. You can read the proposed actions for each priority in more detail in the full version of the plan.

The Central LAC will continue to listen to you and work to deliver the projects and priorities outlined in the plan. Our commitments are: 

  • we will work with you to listen to your concerns and incorporate your thoughts and comments into the plan
  • we will work with partners, including the voluntary, community and faith sector and local communities to deliver the priorities and projects outlined in our plan
  • we will continue to listen and connect with communities to understand their priorities
  • we will hold a minimum of four public meetings a year to hear the views and concerns of local people and to provide updates on the Community Plan
  • we will work to shape and influence council services as outlined in the plan, to help us respond to the needs of local people
  • we will aim to represent the interest of local people and organisations with external organisations, as appropriate, to achieve the objectives outlined in the plan
  • we will produce an annual report to update you on our progress

To support the delivery of the community plan, the LAC has a dedicated budget of £100,000 for 2022-23. The LAC also has access to around £57,000 for targeted work around fly tipping and graffiti hotspots.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Central LAC, please get in touch.

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