How to get occupational therapy assistance and equipment

You may be eligible for an Occupational Assessment if you have long term difficulties carrying out everyday tasks. If your assessment finds that you need equipment, this can be loaned to you through the Integrated Community Equipment Loan Service Sheffield (ICELSS).

This service is provided by Medequip on behalf of Sheffield City Council and Sheffield CCG.

How your assessment will work

Occupational therapists will work with you to:

  • assess your difficulties carrying out everyday living tasks
  • advise you on different ways to manage tasks
  • loan essential equipment to help complete daily tasks

The assessment may look at how you:

  • get in and out of bed or chair
  • get on and off the toilet
  • dress yourself
  • feed yourself
  • manage the stairs
  • prepare drinks, snack and/or meals

Once your assessment has been carried out the therapist will tell you if you can get adaptations to your home and provide advice and information about other services.

What home adaptations you can get

  • wheelchair access within the home
  • lowering kitchen surfaces to wheelchair height
  • lifts to access upstairs
  • downstairs toilets or showers

How to get support

You can ask your GP to refer you for an Occupational Assessment. If you are going to be discharged from hospital an assessment can be arranged for you there.

You can also contact the First Contact Team on 0114 273 4908 or email

How to return equipment

If you want to return equipment you have been loaned Medequip can collect it for free. Contact Medequip on 0114 553 6449 or email

Contact the First Contact Team

Howden House
1 Union Street
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