Neighbourhood hubs

We have worked with partners including the NHS, CCG, the Police, and a range of services and local organisations to jointly commission a set of innovative locality based neighbourhood hubs.

Why we have developed neighbourhood hubs

Hubs help bring services together to improve integration and communication between them. Neighbourhood hubs are local partnerships which demonstrate our commitment to: 

  • putting people at the heart of Health and Social Care
  • bringing care closer to home
  • embedding working together to achieve support plans owned by all organisations to develop a prevention-focused health and care system
  • identify people who are at risk of developing long term conditions and multi-morbidity
  • maximise independence and resilience to individuals within their own home and community   
  • provide optimal support to people (and their families) who are multi-morbidity or have two or more long term conditions,  complex/ End of Life (EoL)     
  • build on an integrated approach across health and social care to ensure the best use of shared resources 

Neighbourhood hubs will be key partners to implementing new models of care based on emerging evidence across the country. They should bring a fundamental power shift from providers to individuals.

What the hubs do

Hubs support the shift to preventive measures rather than responding to crisis. They use restorative practice to give individuals the power to know how to keep themselves healthy, resilient and live well. The hubs support Team Around the Person (TAP) and Huddle meetings where services can plan together how best to support individuals. 

They will:

  • take an innovative and problem solving approach
  • have co-production at the heart of service delivery
  • work in partnership with other services to mainstream resources
  • use evidence based approaches to process reform

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