Team Around the Person

Individuals may need interventions when they experience difficult situations throughout their lives. These interventions could be with many different professional services, helping with many needs. 

If you are a professional working with an individual whose needs have changed or grown, you can make a TAP referral. Professionals may also refer individuals with needs that could result in a social care referral or a hospital admission. 

The TAP will help pull all professionals together to create a shared action plan.

When a TAP is required

A TAP meeting is needed when:

  • an individual requires co-ordinated care from a number of agencies
  • you feel as a single agency more support is required from alternative professionals
  • an individual’s needs are escalating and interventions are necessary to prevent hospitalisation or social care involvement

This is not prescriptive, and professionals should use their judgement. Please email us if you would like to talk to someone about whether the case is suitable for a TAP.

How to make a referral

Any agency can make a referral for a TAP. Please download the TAP referral form and email securely to

The TAP process is currently a pilot and we are taking referrals from:

South East Locality

  • Beighton
  • Woodhouse
  • Birley
  • Mosborough

PCN Network

  • Townships I 
  • Townships II

East Locality

  • Darnall
  • Tinsley
  • Handsworth

PCN Networks

  • GPA1
  • Seven Hills

North East Locality

  • Burngreave
  • Pitsmoor
  • Shiregreen
  • Firth Park

PCN Networks

  • Foundry
  • SAPA 5

Consent needs to be obtained from the individual prior to referral submission. Any referral without consent will be sent back to the referrer.


A huddle is an informal gathering of practitioners that meet to discuss next steps or seek advice from fellow practitioners about ‘live’ cases. Huddles also give you the opportunity to meet other professionals in your locality. 

Any professional that is front line working with adults in Sheffield South East localities (Woodhouse, Beighton, Birley, Mosborough), North East localities (Burngreave, Pitsmoor, Firth Park, Shiregreen) and East Localities (Darnall, Tinsley, Handsworth) can attend.

By attending a huddle you can gain:

  • information and guidance on a case you are currently working on
  • guidance or direction on whether it meets the criteria to be progressed as a Team Around a Person (TAP) case
  • general advice on next steps with a case

If you are interested in attending a huddle, please email for future dates for your area.

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