London Road and Broadfield Road improvements

We're introducing an extra lane for traffic at the Broadfield Road and London Road junction, as well as making improvements to the signal junction. This follows a successful bid for Government (Department for Transport) funding for a £3.36m improvement to A61 London Road/Broadfield Road to complement £1.46m of Streets Ahead maintenance work undertaken in 2019/20.

The scheme aims to relieve congestion to improve the reliability of public transport journeys along this stretch of road while also benefitting all traffic travelling into the city centre, particularly during the morning peak. The scheme will also open up a development site on land between Broadfield Road and Chippinghouse Road.

Improvements will be made for walking, including the introduction of a pedestrian island to make it safer when crossing London Road near Gleadless Road.

There will be new/updated signal-controlled crossings at Broadfield Road the London Road junction, but the existing crossing of London Road outside of Broadfield Mowers will be removed.

Wolseley Road / Staveley Road Junction Improvements

A new set of traffic signals at Wolseley Road / Staveley Road junction will be put in to improve cycling and make it easier to cross Wolseley Road when using the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route.

Signals will detect approaching cyclists, giving them priority over traffic on Wolseley Road. Although it is not possible to add in a controlled pedestrian crossing within these lights, we will work with the local community to understand where they feel the best place a crossing over Wolseley Road would be.

Double yellow lines will be painted on the corners of the Wolseley Road / Staveley Road to remove parking on the corners and footway, improving visibility for drivers. The double yellow lines will also make it easier to cross the road and build-outs will be put in on the south side of the junction to reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and cyclists.

During prior consultation, comments were received regarding parking opportunities in the area. As a result, parking will be provided permanently on the southern side of Wolseley Road, between the junction with Staveley Road and 105 Wolseley Road.

We will also introduce a loading bay adjacent to the shop at No.68 between 7am and 6pm (Monday to Saturday). This parallel route to London Road provides an alternative into the city for cyclists away from the busy traffic on London Road.

Glover Road / London Road Junction Improvements

On Glover Road, the existing bollards near to the junction with London Road will be removed and replaced with kerbed planters. This will make the road look more attractive and prevent damage to cars and the bollards.

Double yellow lines will be painted on the corners of the Glover Road / London Road junction, as well as around the new kerbed planters. This would reduce the number of parked cars which block the cycle route as well as reduce damage to the bollards.

As a result of prior consultation, a number of parking measures are being brought forward in order to offset the loss of spaces around the ‘cycle only’ access, including the removal of the ‘Disabled’ bay adjacent to the now closed Citizens Advice Bureau. Other measures will be advertised as an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), likely in early 2023 and will give residents and businesses the opportunity to comment based on practical experience of the restrictions.

An ETRO will mean that the changes are implemented and then monitored, giving people chance to further comment on the proposals for a 6 month period. Council officers will then either recommend further changes to the restrictions, make them permanent or take them out.  

These are:

  • allowing vehicles to park overnight between 5:30pm and 9:30am, Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday on a section of London Road
  • allowing vehicles to park at the end of the turning head on Glover Road, except on Friday between 6am and 6pm to keep the area clear for refuse collections

June 2023 update

This update includes information about:

  • a planned junction improvement scheme at the junction of Broadfield Road and London Road
  • improvements to cycling facilities on Glover Road and improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities at the junction of Wolseley Road and Staveley Road

These schemes are designed to make it easier for all vehicles to travel through the London Road/Broadfield Road junction and improve the parallel Sheaf Valley cycle route, which links Woodseats and Highfield to the city centre.

Broadfield Road / London Road

The closure was put in place so that Northern Powergrid could carry out work as part of the junction improvement scheme.

We expected the closure to be in place for one week, but Northern Powergrid discovered unexpected equipment under the road surface. They needed to manage it appropriately before they could complete their work. This is why the closure remained in place beyond the planned removal date. 

We have now completed the remedial works to in-fill some old basements on the land next to the junction of Broadfield Road and London Road. Northern Powergrid have also completed their necessary works, so we are ready to move to the next stage of construction, which will begin in June 2023. 

In June 2023 there will be some preparatory works to the network of gas pipes as well as phone and internet cables under the road. Once this work is completed, it will enable us to start on widening the junction of Broadfield Road / London Road from September 2023.

Advanced notice of all of these works will be signed with yellow signage on the side of the roads where work is due to happen. To allow the June works to take place, we currently expect to need to close the footway on the north side of Broadfield Road and the west side of London Road, between the junctions with Broadfield Road and Chippinghouse Road.

Barriers may narrow the road slightly, but Broadfield Road will remain open for two-way traffic throughout the works.

We expect that all bus stops along London Road will still be served, but we will provide updates at stops where appropriate.  

If you experience any issues during this work, please report them to Highways on 0114 273 4567 or through 

Staveley Road, Wolseley Road and Glover Road 

We have now updated the improvements to include signal controlled crossings across Staveley Road, and added a small number of parking spaces on Glover Road in order to try to reduce the effect of losing other parking spaces in the area, including on Wolseley Road.

Construction is now due to start in early July 2023. During construction, vehicles will be allowed to enter Staveley Road from Wolseley Road – but not exit onto Wolseley Road. Pedestrian access will remain in place and working will happen on weekdays between 7am and 7pm. 

The crossing on the south side will be constructed first from 3 to 7 July 2023 then the north side between 17 and 21 July 2023. 

May 2023 update

We wanted to provide an update on works taking place around the Broadfield Road area following one lane of London Road and Broadfield Road being closed for an unexpectedly long time.

One lane of London Road and Broadfield Road was closed during week commencing Monday 3 April for Northern Powergrid to carry out work to their equipment under the road surface as part of the junction improvement scheme. We expected this closure to be in place for one week.

Unfortunately, Northern Powergrid discovered unexpected equipment under the road surface which needed to be managed appropriately before they could complete their planned work. This is why the closure remained in place after it was supposed to be removed.

This extended closure was not communicated to businesses and residents appropriately and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

Northern Powergrid are able to carry on this work during week commencing Monday 15 May and so the one lane closures will be reinstated overnight on Sunday 14 May for five days, being removed on the evening of Friday 19 May.

We will continue to update you on works going on around the Broadfield Road area, including works to Wolseley Road, Staveley Road and Glover Road as we progress through construction.

Update from original bid

Price increases since 2018 have meant that we have had to review and reduce the cost of the scheme. This has led to keeping the Sheaf River bridge as it is. This means no additional traffic lane on the carriageway or new pedestrian and cyclist bridge next to the road bridge. However, there is other investment being made into the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route.

You can download the plan which sets out the scheme.

The land has been cleared and work to secure the final section of land almost complete.

Additional modelling has been undertaken on the revised design. The high-level summary of the morning peak (inbound) can be downloaded.

A revised business case for the scheme has been approved and can be downloaded.

We aim to be on site from 20 September and commencing construction a couple of weeks later, with the work expected to take around nine months. We should be able to maintain (at least) one lane working in each direction on London Road during the whole build period – with any short term closures on London Road being made overnight. We will keep local businesses and residents updated with the latest information. 

Public consultation

Public consultation on these proposals took place at the end of November 2020. There were objections to the Traffic Regulation Orders which led to some changes to the scheme. This included looking at retaining parking in residential areas where demand is high and contributing to the nearby Sheaf Valley Cycle Route to help improve facilities for active travel. The land was not available to put a high-quality active travel route through the London Road/Broadfield Road junction. However, the funding of a new signal-controlled crossing for Wolseley Road at Staveley Road will complement the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route.

The objections (and revisions to the scheme) were considered at the Transport, Regeneration and Climate change committee in June 2022. Details of the meeting can be found at Sheffield City Council - Agenda for Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee on Wednesday 15 June 2022, 2pm.

You can download and view a map of the scheme.

You can also access the original 2017 bid that we submitted to the 'National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) for the Local Road Network', as well as the letters of support for the original bid from First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach Yorkshire.

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