Fulwood Conservation Area

The Fulwood Conservation Area is located in the south-west of Sheffield, approximately 7km from the city centre. The area is a highly sought after residential area with a mix of different house types and well-served by public transport. 

The Conservation Area covers the old core of the village south and east of the Parish Church, open pasture important to the village's setting and Porter Brook's wooded valley bottom.

The special interest that justifies designation of the Fulwood Conservation Area derives from the following:

  • winding historic thoroughfare rising from the Old Chapel past Christ Church to Old Fulwood Road
  • hillside location on Sheffield's urban and rural fringe
  • architecturally important, including 10 listed buildings
  • Christ Church (dating from 1837), a local landmark and a historic building
  • Old Chapel (dated to 1729) with picturesque setting
  • three small townscape features of interest (listed Grade II); Village Stocks, War Memorial and the Bolsover Monument
  • good examples of modest late 19th Century/early 20th Century middle class houses
  • short row of late 19th Century small workers' brick cottages in Chorley Road
  • former 18th Century mill workers' cottages, notably Beech Dene and Ivy Cottages
  • remnants of historic floors including stone kerbstones
  • prevalent use of stone as a local building material
  • section of the Porter Valley Parks, a Grade II registered historic park
  • industrial archaeology sites, notably Forge Dam and Wire Mill Dam
  • local nature reserve at Whiteley Woods
  • important views in and over the Porter Valley

Date of designation

Fulwood Conservation Area  was designated on 12 July 1976.

Conservation Area Appraisal

Fulwood Conservation Area was subject to an Appraisal and period of public consultation between 28 January 2008 and 24 February 2008. The documents were subsequently adopted on 25 March 2008. 

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