We've upgraded our parking system

We want to enforce parking (and some moving traffic) restrictions in a fair and transparent way. Enforcement is carried out in accordance with the Traffic Management Act 2004 and guidance provided by the Department for Transport.

You can appeal parking and bus lane fines within 28 days.

How to appeal

If you send an appeal to us, be aware that our current response times are about 8 to 17 weeks. We apologise for any delays. Please monitor your junk email in case a reply is delivered there.

Informal appeals before a notice to owner is sent

We will normally send replies to informal appeals by email (please check your junk mail folder in case our reply gets directed there).

If your appeal is successful, the fine will be cancelled and you will receive an email or letter confirming this.

If you are unsuccessful, you will receive a letter or email explaining why and what your options are. We will re-apply the discounted charge if your appeal was received in the discount period.

If we haven’t received your payment within 28 days (or within 14 days of the reply of a formal challenge) we will send the registered keeper a Notice to Owner (NtO) letter.

Formal appeals after issue of a notice to owner or postal PCN

If we send you a Notice to Owner letter (or a postal PCN) you will be allowed 28 days to make a formal appeal. On the back of this letter it explains how to do this

If you appeal we will keep the fine on hold until we write to you with our decision.

If your appeal is successful, you will receive a letter confirming this.

If your appeal is rejected, you will receive a Notice of Rejection letter. This will explain how to appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. You cannot appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal unless you have received this notice.

We will re-apply the discounted charge if a representation against a postal PCN was received within the discount period. This will not be reoffered if you make an appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Retrieving your car

If your vehicle has been towed you need to collect it from the pound first. You may then write to us to appeal against your case.