Clean Air Zone charges and how to pay

The Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a Class C charging zone. This means that some vehicles driving within, or entering Sheffield’s inner ring road and city centre, that do not meet vehicle emission limits set by the Government, will be charged. 

Who will be charged

Only the most heavily polluting vehicles will be charged for entering Sheffield’s CAZ.

Cars (except taxis and private hire vehicles), motorcycles and lower-polluting vehicles will not have to pay.

Non-compliant vehicles that will be charged include:

  • buses
  • campervans and motorhomes
  • coaches
  • heavy goods vehicles (HGV)
  • light goods vehicles (LGV)
  • some SUVs and four-by-fours
  • taxis and private hire vehicles (whether being used privately or for work)
  • vans

How to check if your vehicle will be charged

You can check if your vehicle will be charged by using the Government checker.

If the vehicle you own is compliant, then you do not need to do anything. 

If your vehicle is not compliant, and you drive into, out of, or within the zone, then you need to pay each day you travel.

Some motorhomes and campervans may be classified as a LGV or HGV. 

How much you will need to pay

Charges are:

  • £50 per day for larger vehicles – such as buses, coaches and HGVs 
  • £10 per day for smaller vehicles – such as taxis and LGVs 
  • larger campervans / motorhomes can apply for a discounted rate, reducing the charge amount to £10

How to pay

Contact Customer Services

1 Union Street
Howden House
S1 2SH

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