The Voluntary Sector Liaison Team administers a range of grants to the Voluntary and Community Sector in Sheffield.

Grant aid is used to support voluntary sector organisations that deliver city-wide services and activities that support the Council’s priorities. Details about what we're funding and open grants that you may apply for can be found on this page.

Covid Recovery Fund 2022-2023

The Covid Recovery Fund provides support for the city’s voluntary and community sector with needs that have arisen from Covid. The fund will be open from Monday 10 January to midday on Monday 7 February 2022. 

We asked organisations to complete an expression of interest in October and November 2021 to tell us what their needs were as a result of the pandemic. You told us that in many cases you had reduced income and increased costs as a result of the challenges during Covid and the work you have done to respond to needs across the city. We want to thank you for everything you have done for people in Sheffield over the past two years. 

Funding available

The total amount available in this round of funding is £1,350,000. Applications can be submitted for amounts between £10,000 and £50,000. This can be for shortfalls in 2021/22 budgets or needs that can be demonstrated in 2022/23.

Following consideration of the responses from the expression of interest this fund will focus on:

  • funding to cover a current shortfall in an organisation’s core running costs budget as a result of reduced income due to Covid 
  • funding to support ongoing increased costs associated with changed working practices or service redesign that was introduced in response to Covid and needs to be maintained this year. Or practical costs associated with Covid safe reopening of in person services for example
  • funding to support ongoing (Covid driven) increased demand on existing services delivered by the organisation

Within this, organisations can apply for any reasonable costs including core costs. This funding will not cover applications for new innovations in ways of working. 

Successful applicants will receive funding in February and March 2022 to support work until the end of March 2023. 

Who can apply

You can apply for this fund if you are:

  • a registered charity 
  • a charitable Incorporated Organisation, (CIO)
  • a limited company with charitable status 
  • an industrial and provident society, (Community Benefit Societies or Cooperative Benefit Societies) 

You should also be: 

  • an organisation based in Sheffield or accountable at a local level within Sheffield to users, stakeholders, or residents 
  • in full compliance with the document filing requirements of the Charity Commission or Companies House

Types of organisations not eligible for funding

Exclusions are:

  • other City Council departments
  • public bodies such as Parish or Town Councils, hospitals, or health bodies
  • educational establishments including schools, universities, and colleges
  • registered social landlords
  • businesses other than not for profit enterprises with charitable status 
  • consultants
  • animal charities
  • organisations whose core function is to provide education, training, or childcare
  • organisations whose annual turnover is under £10,000

Advice sessions

We will run two advice sessions over Zoom to answer any questions about the fund and the application form. You can register for a session on Eventbrite. They will be held on: 

How to apply

We advise that you read the Application guidance document to help you with your application.

To apply you need to complete both of the following:

  • Application form
  • Grant Agreement (Part 1, question 2 and 4)

You also need to send us these supporting documents by email:

  • copy of your governing document 
  • copy of your most recent signed accounts 
  • copy of your most recent Annual Report or an Impact Report you have produced for funders/ management committee
  • financial evidence supporting your application

Completed applications and supporting documents should be emailed to

The deadline for applications is midday on Monday 7 February 2022. 

If you have any queries about the fund please email the Voluntary Sector Liaison Team


Applications which are deemed eligible will be assessed on five criteria by our officers:

  1. Track record and Impact
  2. Need linked to Covid
  3. Urgency of funding need
  4. Attempts to tackle financial pressure
  5. Future sustainability

You must address all of these areas, but greater weight will be given to the category of urgency of need.

The officer assessments will then be considered by a Grants Advisory Panel who will meet in February to make the final decisions. Successful applicants will receive a formal offer of a grant with an updated Grant Agreement in February.

Core Service Grants

Core Service Grants were awarded to organisations that demonstrated a good track record in service delivery with a strong link to public sector services and helping people overcome disadvantage. The 7 organisations receiving a Core Service Grant in 2019-20 are as follows. All grants are for 3 years (2017-2020) unless stated.

Ben’s Centre - £53,146

Citizens Advice Sheffield - £841,536 

City of Sanctuary Sheffield - £38,070 

Roshni - £35,316

Sheffield Association for the Voluntary Teaching of English (SAVTE) - £35,880 

St. Vincent de Paul Furniture Store - £54,161

VAS New Beginnings - £14,094

Infrastructure Support Fund

Infrastructure support is vital for a strong, well-run, sustainable voluntary and community sector that can adapt to a changing world. This grant investment is aimed at securing a strong foundation for capacity building across the whole of the city’s voluntary and community sector, helping groups to recruit and retain volunteers, diversify income streams, measure and articulate impact and show good governance.

In 2019-20, 2 organisations received an Infrastructure Grant in a partnership bid totalling £131,813.  

South Yorkshire Community Foundation - £40,778

Voluntary Action Sheffield - £91,035

Lunch Clubs Fund

This fund provides small grants to lunch clubs. These grants contribute toward lunch club running costs and help to reduce loneliness and isolation for older people across the city. Further details can be found on our Lunch Clubs page.

Grant Aid Annual Report 2018-19

This is the second year of Sheffield City Council’s three-year commitment to a city-wide grant aid funding strategy in recognition of the vital contribution Sheffield's local voluntary, community and faith (VCF) sector makes to life in the city.  

Highlights from 2018/19 include:

  • total Grant Aid investment £1,503,985
  • 64 organisations received a grant
  • grant recipients supported a total of 27,781 individuals
  • grant recipients employed a total of 309 staff
  • grant recipients had a total of 1,690 volunteers contributing 217,274 hours, equivalent to a volunteer dividend of £1,955,462 (using the Real Living Wage)
  • 42% of individuals who were supported by Grant Aid report having a disability or long-term condition
  • 49% of individuals who were supported by Grant Aid are BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic or Refugee)
  • contact us if you would like a copy of our Annual Impact Report Infographic

Other Grant Funds

  • In addition to the Grant Aid above the Council awards a number of Grant Funds from other Council budgets.

  • Ward Pots

    Ward Pots are small grants available to the local voluntary and community sector, self-help groups and projects who want to make a difference in their local community. Find out about ward pots  

  • Equalities and Fairness Grants

    Grants are awarded to a number of organisations for the purpose of:

    • co-ordinating each of the Equality Hubs (Age, BAMER, Disability, LGBT+, Religion/Belief, Women) representing identified communities of interest that make up the Equality Hub Network Sheffield
    • contributing to an effective overall Equality Hub Network, including the Equality Hub Network Board

    In 2019-20 the following organisations received an Equalities and Fairness Grant. All grants are awarded for 3 years (2017-2020) unless stated.

    Age UK Sheffield - £11,250 (1 year grant 2019-2020 to co-ordinate the Age Hub)

    Sheffield Futures - £3,725 (1 year grant 2019-2020 to co-ordinate the Age Hub)

    Diverse-City Sheffield Project c/o Faithstar Foundation - £15,000 (to co-ordinate the BAMER Hub)

    Disability Sheffield Centre for Independent Living – £15,000 (to co-ordinate the Disability Hub) 

    LGBT Sheffield City Council - £10,000 (1 year grant 2019-2020 to co-ordinate the LGBT+ Hub)

    Sheffield Faiths Together c/o Faithstar Foundation - £10,000 (to co-ordinate the Religion / Belief Hub)

    Together Women Project Yorkshire and Humber - £10,000 (2 year grant 2018-2020 to co-ordinate the Women’s Hub)

  • BME Older People Grants

    This fund is designed to support community activities to help BME Older People sustain and improve their wellbeing in the community and, in particular, to reduce social isolation and loneliness. In 2019-20 the following organisations have received the BME Older People Grant. Both grants were made as 3 year grants (2017-2020).

    Partnership between Firvale Community Hub, Aspiring Communities Together and Roshni - £30,000

    Zest - £9,976 

  • Cohesion Grants

    The council has set aside money to support community cohesion. This includes activities that help people to celebrate their neighbourhood or city and bring people together. In 2019-20 the following organisations are in receipt of a Cohesion Grant.  

  • Big Grants

    City of Sanctuary - £3,000 to deliver monthly cross-cultural activities

    Cohesion Sheffield (VAS) - £5,000 to create a media & communications platform to provide positive community cohesion stories

    Mediation Sheffield (MESH) - £5,000 to co-ordinate the Cohesion Advisory Group and provide additional activities

    Christ Church Pitsmoor - £5,000 to pay for feasibility & development work to support cohesion activities

    Firvale Community Hub - £6,000 as a contribution to the Accommodating Difference project

    Project Foodhall CIC - £5,000 to support 5 cohesion activities each week

    Element Society - £4,500 to create a Social Action Society and employ a social action co-coordinator to develop assets in young people

    Sheffield Local Television Ltd - £5,000 to support volunteer community media producers to develop new media productions to promote community cohesion and cultural diversity

    NUCA (trading as Zest) - £6,000 as a contribution to the “This Community Can” project

  • Small Grants

    Heeley City Farm - £2,000 for a community cohesion and local food growing project

    Age UK Sheffield (in partnership with Dore & Totley People Keeping Well) - £1,000 for an intergenerational singing project

    Student Action for Refugees (Sheffield) - £500 to host a community cohesion event

    Unity Gym Project - £2,000 as a contribution to the Safe Spaces in the City of Sanctuary Short Film

Grant Aid Annual Report 2017-2018

What to do if you need a letter of support or endorsement from the council

If you are applying for a grant, and your bid links to the our current corporate plan objectives, and your application will be strengthened by a letter of support from the council then please contact the voluntary sector liaison team. They can talk to you and get a manager to provide a letter stating that, although your project may not be directly linked to the council, it supports our objectives for the city.

If you are applying for a fund and you need a letter of endorsement stating that your application is the only one the council supports for the local authority area, then please get in touch with the voluntary sector liaison team who will be able to assist you. If we get numerous request for an endorsement for an external fund (eg The Big Lottery), and only one can be put forward, an internal panel of officers and Councillors will make a decision about which bid is the strongest and request the Chief Executive endorses that one. If an application links to an area of commissioning that you already have a relationship with then contact your commissioning officer.

Contact Voluntary Sector Liaison Team