Challenge for Change is Sheffield City Council's scrutiny panel made up of customer challengers who:

  • tell us how we can improve services for customers
  • examine how our business is run
  • ensure customers' views drive change

Become a customer challenger

To become a challenger you need to be a tenant, leaseholder or customer of Sheffield City Council (this includes members of Tenants' and Residents' Associations as well as people on the Council Housing list).

It's an opportunity to improve your knowledge, develop skills and make a difference to the Council's Housing Service and improve things for you and your neighbours.

You can't be a challenger if you are:

  • in breach of any of Sheffield City Council tenancy conditions
  • a Sheffield Councillor
  • an employee of Sheffield City Council

If you would like to get involved please contact us.

This is a voluntary position and carries no salary. However expenses will be paid in line with Sheffield City Council's expenses policy. 

Completed projects

Challenge for Change Scrutiny Panel has completed 7 projects to date.

Project 1 - Customer Complaints

Project 2 - Grass Cutting

Project 3 - Customer Engagement

Project 4 - Vacant Property Service

Project 5 - Universal Credit

Project 6 - Quality of Rehousing Services

Project 7 - Anti-social Behaviour

Project 8 - Customer Access