Customer commitments

At Sheffield City Council we make the following commitments.

We listen to you

  • we listen to you and, wherever possible, respond to your needs
  • we ask for your views and use these to improve services
  • we will support you to tell us about your needs

We respect you

  • we are helpful, polite and take steps to understand your needs
  • we value the diverse nature of our customers
  • we will support you so that you are able to help yourself

We are easily accessible

  • we will make as many services as possible available online for you to use at a time that suits you
  • if you need help to access services, we will help you
  • we will be clear about what we can and can’t do
  • if we have to say no to you, we will explain why and who else may be able to help
  • we will make sure that any information we publish is correct and answers your questions as fully as possible

In return we need you to

  • treat our employees with respect and courtesy so that we can do our best for you
  • tell us if your personal circumstances change as this may affect our service to you
  • keep any appointments you make with us, or tell us if you can’t do this

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Howden House
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Is this page helpful?