You must provide four weeks notice in writing when you wish to terminate your tenancy.

You may give notice to any local Area Housing Office or First Point. The document that you sign is legally binding and therefore once submitted, this action must be followed through (in exceptional circumstances this may be reviewed).

When you move out you must ensure that vacant possession is given to the Council, and that your rent is paid in full and up-to-date, the keys are handed in and the property (including garden where appropriate) is left in a satisfactory condition.

Deceased tenants

If you are responsible for clearing the property, please let us know when you will be returning the keys.  We will also need to see a copy of the death certificate. 

Please be aware that rent continues to be payable until the keys are handed in, when we will be able to say how much rent is outstanding on the property.  We will claim any outstanding rent from the estate left by the deceased.  

Housing Benefit payments will cease on the first Sunday after death and full rent is due each week after that.  Please remember to have the gas and electricity meters read before returning the keys.  If your relative or friend had a city wide alarm pendant, please can you arrange for it to be returned with the keys.