Council Tax exemptions



Diplomats and people working for certain international organisations, members of certain international headquarters and defence organisations and their dependants are not counted.

Members of a visiting force or a member of a civilian part of that force are not counted. Dependants of a member of that force are not counted providing that the dependant is neither a British citizen and does not normally live in the UK.

People living in certain hostels and night shelters provided for the homeless, for example those run by the Salvation Army and Church Army and have to share a kitchen, bathroom and living room are not counted. They must not be tenants. Staff who live and work in such hostels are not counted either.

A person who has diplomatic, Commonwealth or consular privilege immunity will not be counted so long as they are not British. Their dependants will not be counted either.

If you wish to make an enquiry or an application for an exemption, please contact with your: 

  • council tax account reference
  • full name
  • address
  • dates and any details of your circumstance to support your request

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